British Columbia

From ocean shore to mountain peak, the backcountry of British Columbia awaits you.

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Canada’s West Coast Wonderland

There is not much you can’t do when it comes to outdoor adventure in British Columbia. In fact, this may be the only place in Canada where you can ocean kayak in the morning and ride the slopes of a world-class ski resort in the afternoon. From legendary salmon and steelhead fishing to extreme downhill mountain biking, BC has it all, and our maps are your one-stop-shop for outdoor adventure information across the province. Combined with our industry-leading topographic detail and backroad coverage, you won’t find a more comprehensive guide to the BC backcountry anywhere.

Campers can enjoy hundreds of rustic forestry recreation sites scattered throughout the province, or head to a more developed campground at a provincial or national park. Hikers have a huge variety of trails to choose from, with routes leading all over the Columbia, Cascade, Monashee and Coast mountain ranges, among others. Backroad explorers and ATV enthusiasts have a virtually endless network of logging and resource roads to explore across the province, which also provide access to some of the country’s best hunting grounds. Once the snow falls, BC becomes a playground for snowshoers, skiers and snowmobilers, with countless trails and backcountry routes to explore.

Whether you are trolling a warm Okanagan lake for a trophy bass or are checking species off your birding list in the wetlands of the Lower Mainland, our massive database of adventure information is just the turn of a page or the click of a button away, and our maps will keep you on track across the entire province of BC.






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