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Canada’s premier backcountry maps and outdoor recreation guides

BRMB’s classic printed Backroad Mapbooks have been guiding outdoor adventures of all shapes and sizes through the Canadian Backcountry for over a quarter century. These durable, spiral-bound 21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 in) Mapbooks provide you with industry leading cartographic detail and topographic relief, unparalleled road and trail coverage, thousands of adventure POIs and tons of adventure information, from camping to fishing, hunting, hiking, ATVing and beyond. No other recreation maps offer this level of detail or this amount of adventure information, with complete coverage from the coast of BC to the shores of Newfoundland.






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Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Trail Guide to Canada

On New Brunswick’s rugged Atlantic Coast, the Fundy Footpath charts a course through some of the last remaining coastal wilderness areas on the east side of the continent. In Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park, terraced boardwalks lead to viewpoints over the winding coastline, with the Atlantic Ocean disappearing into the horizon beyond. In Ontario, trails lead to the …

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Backroad Mapbooks – Your Ultimate Guide to Hunting Across Canada

As any hunter knows, Canada’s backcountry is full of wildlife. From large ungulates like moose, elk and caribou to game birds such as grouse, partridges and waterfowl, the options for hunters are as diverse as the land itself. In the remote northern Rocky Mountains, expert trackers spend days or weeks in the bush in search of a trophy mountain goat. …

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