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Discover Canada’s Best Backroad Adventures

With close to 10,000,000 km2 (385,000,000 mi2) of land to explore, there is a lot see and do in Canada – you never know what you might come across while travelling across the country’s highways, rural roads and backroads. In fact, you can expect to encounter something unique around almost every corner. From the postcard-perfect lighthouses of the Maritimes to scenic drives along Ontario’s colonization roads, the roadside attractions and rural museums of Manitoba, ancient fossil sites in Alberta, the big trees and waterfalls of BC and beyond, Canada is chock full of natural and man-made attractions. That is why we pack as much information as possible into our maps about all the best things to see and do while road tripping across our great nation.






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Exploring Ontario’s Egan Chutes

  As you walk along the sandy trail from the parking area, the calm York River gives no preview to what’s ahead. But the closer you get to the chutes, the more the sound of rushing water grows, assaulting your ears with its volume.   Egan Chutes is a non-operating Ontario Park and unless you know where you are heading, …

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Ten Must See Attractions in Ontario’s Cottage Country

  Because of its close proximity to large urban centres such as Toronto, Kingston, North Bay and Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Cottage Country destinations require less driving and feature some impressive day trip locations. Even though this part of Ontario is heavily populated, major expressways leading to winding backcountry roads allow explorers to quickly get away from the crowds and …

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Backroad Waterfall Exploring at Christie Falls

By Colin Hughes UPDATE: There are reports that the road to Christie Falls is closed about 2 km before the parking lot. If you plan to visit the falls, be prepared for an additional 4 km round-trip hike.   As we came off the ropes at the bottom of the trail and rounded the corner to the base of the …

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