ATV [OHV] Adventures

Let us guide you along Canada’s best ATV trails, OHV routes, backroads and logging roads, with information on trail routing and highlights, distance, elevation gain and more!

Discover Canada’s Best ATV [OHV] Trails

Riding an ATV or OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) is one of the best ways to access Canada’s sprawling backcountry, and there are countless trails to choose from across the country. From the winding, high-elevation trails of BC’s Coast Mountains to the sprawling terrain of Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Foothills, the wide-open plains and thick forests of the prairies, the rugged Canadian Shield of Ontario, the hills and lowlands of New Brunswick and the rugged Quebec wilderness, there is no shortage to the amount of terrain you can explore on an ATV. With this in mind, Backroad Mapbooks packs as much ATV information as possible into our map products.






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Awesome ATV Trails Across Ontario

The province of Ontario offers ATVers every type of adventure, from adrenaline-pumping backcountry rides over rugged, challenging terrain to leisurely sightseeing tours perfect for beginner riders. Many trails follow old logging roads and railroad beds, and some of the best riding areas often contain fishing and camping opportunities as well. To give you an overview of the province’s amazing ATVing …

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Canada is full of roads and trails that are perfect for off-roading, with world-class four-wheel drive terrain found from coast to coast. This year, why not cross a few must-do off-road routes off your bucket list? To get you started, we’ve put together the following list.

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ATVing Across Alberta

From high elevation mountaintop lookouts to the rolling Rocky Mountain foothills, sprawling forests and grasslands and riverside rides to massive sand dunes, Alberta offers just about every type of ATV trail you could ask for. And while there is a lot of terrain to explore all across the province atop an ATV, OHV or dirtbike, a few areas stand out …

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