AB & Canadian Prairies Parks

Top 11 Provincial Parks in Ontario and Manitoba

Ontario and Manitoba are home to an abundance of provincial parks that offer some of the region’s best outdoor adventure opportunities. From birding and wildlife viewing to fishing, hiking and canoe tripping and much more, there is an unforgettable park experience waiting for you. Take a look at the list below for a few suggestions of the best parks to …

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Twelve Fishing Hot Spots Across Ontario and Manitoba

The provinces of Ontario and Manitoba are well-known for their fishing. In the north, remote fly-in lakes hold monster fish that rarely see a lure. Big rivers cut across both provinces, offering amazing angling both in their main stems and in countless tributaries. There are hundreds of easy-access lakes in the south that will impress any angler, and the massive …

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Canada’s Parks Day 2018

Each year millions of people from Canada and around the world head out to our incredible backcountry to enjoy our 39 breathtaking National Parks. With over 330,000 km2 (127,000 mi2) of land protected within our national park system, representing 30 distinct natural regions in every province and territory, these parks are a bottomless source of outdoor adventure.   This Saturday, …

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