Introducing the BRMB Ambassador Program

What is a BRMB Ambassador?

A BRMB Ambassador is someone who is constantly exploring the backcountry in their own backyard, be it the rugged rocky mountain peaks of Alberta, plains of Saskatchewan or tundra of Manitoba. Whether you hunt, fish, ATV, camp, hike, paddle, snowmobile or just like to get outdoors, you may be the right fit for our team.


A BRMB ambassador is someone who proudly represents the Backroad Mapbooks brand wherever their adventures may take them, including outdoor events, rallies, fishing events, conservation events such as cleanups and more. With many levels of participation possible, the duties of an Ambassador include sporting a BRMB stickers on their off-road vehicle of choice and generally being a good samaritan on the trail – for example, using one of our Mapbooks to help navigate lost hikers and motorists. A BRMB Ambassador is always there to enthusiastically help others, representing the BRMB Brand across Canada.


Because our small team cannot be at every event, rally, show, or outdoor celebration from coast to coast, we are looking for a select team of ambassadors across the country to help contribute to the BRMB Culture.


    Some duties of a BRMB Ambassador include:

  • Be friendly, amicable and approachable
  • Be a backcountry steward by minding regulations, conservation rules and participating in clean ups
  • When on the trail give directions ALWAYS with our Backroad Mapbooks, GPS Maps or Backroad Navigator App
  • Represent our company logo via clothing, social media, on personal websites, off-road vehicles or anywhere they choose
  • Use our hashtags on their Instagram posts (#brmb & #brmblife)
  • Promote BRMB through their social channels (images of products, mentions, etc.)
  • Contribute content for BRMB to share on our Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, blog, LinkedIn and more
  • Be a shining face of the BRMB brand

    Some Perks of being a BRMB Ambassador:

  • Fun opportunities to represent BRMB at events
  • Contribute to BRMB culture with writing and creating content for our blog
  • Get your ambassador profile on the BRMB ambassador page

How Can you be a BRMB Ambassador?

We are looking for new ambassadors to join our team! Whether you are a writer, a photographer or backcountry enthusiast, we want you to tell us why you should be a BRMB Ambassador!

Please send an email to with links to your website (if you have one), Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or anything else that shows your love for BRMB and the backcountry!


Who is Currently part of the BRMB Ambassador Team?

We’re quickly gathering members of our BRMB Ambassador Team to help us spread the word and share their BRMB Life. Who have we got on board so far? Check them out!