TOBC1 TOPO - Manning Park

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Released: 2019

Paper: Waterproof Option Available.

Dimensions: 61 x 94 cm/24 x 37 inches

Map Scale: 1:65:000

Digital Format Available: Yes, see DIGITAL Tab for details.

Map Features: Highways, Logging Roads, Land & Water Features, Parks, Adventure Points of Interest, Campgrounds, Hiking Trails, Motorized Trails, Paddling Routes, Hunting & Fishing Areas, Winter Recreation and More.

Areas Covered: Manning Park,Skagit River,Skagit Provincial Forest,Sumallo River,Garrison Lakes,Skagit River


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This recreation topographic map for the Manning Park area highlights all the logging roads, trails and recreational Points of Interest including hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing, ATVing, snowmobiling and more. No other map provides you with this level of recreational and topographic detail for the Manning Park area. Special features include private land and countless roads, trails and recreational Points of Interest. Covering 1,950 km2 (750 mi2) in total, this map is available in digital or trackable PDF format to use on several 3rd Party apps including Avenza, Locus Maps and Topo Maps+. The map covers Dewdney Trail, Garrison Lake, Gibson Pass, Lightning Lake, Similkameen River, Skagit Provincial Forest, Skagit River, Sumallo River, Thunder Lake, Windy Joe Mountain, Whipsaw Creek and more!

This map also covers the following Wildlife Management Units: WMU 2-17 Lower Mainland, WMU 2-1 Lower Mainland, WMU 2-2 Lower Mainland, WMU 8-4 Okanagan, WMU 8-5 Okanagan.

Manning Park - Thompson Okanagan BC comes in both Print and Digital Versions. The Digital or mobile TOPO version is a calibrated PDF map that allows tracking, adding waypoints, zooming in and out and other GPS features. These maps can be used on 3rd party apps on your smartphone or tablet including Avenza, Locus Maps and Topo Maps+. You will need to download the app and find our maps in their store. We offer the entire mapbook map options (all maps in that mapbook) on all apps, while the individual maps are also available on Avenza.

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