Ontario & Manitoba - V2021
GPS Maps

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Released: 2021

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Dimensions: Micro SD Card

Maps: 1:10,000, 1:20,000 and 1:50,000 scale TOPO Maps

Areas Covered: Includes all of Ontario and Manitoba




Discover the Beautiful Backcountry of Ontario & Manitoba

Covering a combined area of over 1,700,000 km2, Ontario and Manitoba have no shortage of backcountry to explore. From the rolling prairie, sprawling pine forest, and ancient Canadian Shield rock Manitoba to the sparkling shorelines of Ontario's Great Lakes and the vast expanses of wilderness that cover the north, this region of Canada is an incredible destination for outdoor recreation. Whether you are paddling a remote river system, camping under the stars in a provincial park or exploring abandoned roads on your ATV, our Ontario & Manitoba GPS Maps are your ultimate guide to navigating the area.

These Garmin-licensed GPS Maps feature easy-to-read elevation contours and reveal all the natural features such as creeks, wetlands and ponds, plus every road and trail that is left off of other maps. Ten categories of Adventure Points of Interest guide you to the best outdoor recreation sites Ontario and Manitoba have to offer, from easy day hiking to backcountry hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and much more.

From the epic fishing holes of Manitoba's Interlake region to the scenic canoe routes of Ontario's Cottage Country and beyond, Backroad Mapbooks' GPS Maps provide an unmatched level of detail and adventure information.


Ontario & Manitoba GPS Maps at a Glance

  • Combining city and backcountry navigation with enhanced outdoor recreation information, this product combines all of Ontario and Manitoba into one Backroad GPS Map
    • Over 800,000 km of roads combined into one map, including over 400,000 km of routable roads and 400,000 km of non-routable backcountry roads, deactivated roads and four-wheel-drive roads
    • Clearly marked Crown Land
    • Lake bathymetry (depth contours) for many of the region's fishing lakes
    • Marked Game Hunting Areas and Wildlife Management Zones for hunters
    • Tens of thousands of miles of multi-use hiking, biking and cross-country skiing trails and paddling routes, with marked trailheads and access points/portages
    • Close to 74,000 km of motorized trails for ATVing and snowmobiling
    • Thousands of fishing hotspots, parks and conservation areas, campsites, hunting areas, winter recreation areas and more Over 66,000 land and water geographic features
    • Free computer download is available to view and plan on Basecamp software.
    • Garmin-licensed & compatible with Garmin GPS
    • Includes all standard Garmin features such as Find tool and city navigation, along with full GPS features like route tracking and waypoint marking.
    • Searchable written descriptions with information on trail length and elevation gain, fish species and stocking, hunting species and seasons, campground size and reservations and more
    • 1,200,000+ searchable Manitoba Dominion Land Survey Sections and Quarter Section grid locations
    • 10,000+ Oil and Gas wellsite locations, plus cutlines, pipelines and more
    • And much more!