Glacier National Park Map BC

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Released: 2020

UPC: 6-22098-11027-2

Pages: 1

Paper: Waterproof Option Available.

Dimensions: 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 Inches)

Map Scale: 1:85,000

Digital Format Available: Yes, see the Digital tab for details.

Map Features: Highways, Logging Roads, Land & Water Features, Parks, Adventure Points of Interest, Campgrounds, Hiking Trails, Motorized Trails, Paddling Routes, Hunting & Fishing Areas, Winter Recreation and More.

Areas Covered: Glacier National Park, A O Wheeler Hut, Asulkan Valley, Avalanche Mountain, Balu Pass, Bonney Glacier, Illecillewaet River, Loop Brook Campground, Mount Abbot, Nakimu Caves, Sapphire Col Hut, Youngs Peak, BC, Canada


Glacier National Park Map BC

Focusing on British Columbia's Glacier National Park, this topographic recreation map highlights all the access roads, campgrounds, backcountry huts and cabins, caves, historic sites, trails for hiking, backcountry skiing and more! This Adventure map features our industry-leading topographic contours and relief shading and includes the areas A O Wheeler Hut, Asulkan Hut, Asulkan Valley Trail, Avalanche Mountain, Balu Pass Trail, Bonney Glacier, Illecillewaet River, Loop Brook Campground, Meeting of the Waters Trail, Mount Abbot, Nakimu Caves, Sapphire Col Hut, Youngs Peak Traverse and more!

The printed version of the map is displayed at 1:85,000 scale on 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 in) paper. You can choose between having the map printed on regular water-resistant paper or a more durable waterproof synthetic. The Wall Maps have been customized to display nicely and fit into common picture frame sizes so you can hang on the cabin, home or workshop wall. They are available in three different sizes and come printed on the waterproof synthetic material.

Print Features:

  • Printed on regular water-resistant paper or durable waterproof and tear-resistant material
  • Includes industry leading cartographic detail and state-of-the-art relief shading
  • Countless points of interest, hiking trails, campsites, boat launches, paddling routes and more!
  • Easy to read, large-scale 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 in) map at 1:85,000 scale
  • Seamless map coverage requires no page turning


If you want to view the map on a smartphone or tablet, you can take advantage of the georeferenced pdf version we have available on Avenza
Avenza Maps.

This version of the map can be used offline and features the ability to drop waypoints, track routes and zoom into busier areas to help with readability.

Digital Features:

  • Offline Maps: cell service or WiFi is not necessary to view the maps
  • GPS tracking: track your route while you are out on an adventure
  • Marking waypoints: save different points and locations to visit or use to plan routes
  • Easy to Read: zoom into specific points on the map or zoom into text for easier reading
  • Lightweight: transport several maps at once using your smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to Navigate: download our maps from your favourite 3rd party app and easily scroll through the maps, zoom in and out, and use the GPS features to navigate
  • Eco-Friendly: zero paper waste!