Southwestern BC Fishing Mapbook - 4th Edition - EBOOK
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Released: 2011

ISBN #: 978-1-897225-00-4

Pages: 208

Maps: 186 Lake Charts @ various scales, 18 River Maps @ various scales

Digital Format Available: Yes, see Digital tab for details.

Map Features: Bathymetric Lake Depth Charts, Lake Data including Elevation, Surface Area, Maximum & Mean Depth, Access Roads, Land & Water Features, Parks & Rec Sites, Boat Launches, Campgrounds, Fishing Docks, Picnic Areas, Resorts, Trails, and more.

Areas Covered: Boston Bar, Cache Creek, Chilliwack, Clearwater, Gold Bridge, Hope, Kamloops, Little Fort, Powell River, Pemberton, Salmon Arm, Vancouver, Whistler


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Southwestern BC Fishing Mapbook. This book is the latest in our continuing quest to produce the perfect fishing guide. The printed version is now sold out, but you can still get the PDF version, which works on any PDF viewer/reader on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Please note that the PDF version is for PDF readers only and is not printable.

Of course, different people have different definitions of what defines the perfect fishing experience. Some people love fast and furious action. They'd rather snag 100 small fish in a day than spend time waiting around for the big one. Others would rather sit patiently waiting for The One. Some people prefer bar fishing for salmon, sitting with a dozen other anglers and shooting the breeze; catching a fish is almost secondary to the experience. Still others enjoy the pure fly-fishing experience, standing knee deep in a fast flowing mountain stream searching for trout and the experience is sullied somehow if there is another angler within 5 kilometres.

As a result, there is a vast diversity in the lakes and rivers we present here, from urban fishing lakes where catchable-sized rainbow provide fast and furious action to hike-in lakes that are at least a day's walk from the nearest road and where the trout might see only a handful of anglers all season.

The other major change with this book is that we've re-drawn the boundaries to include lakes and streams in the Thompson Nicola. This effectively doubles the size of the area covered, but not to worry; we've also (more than) doubled the size of the book.