Vancouver Island BC (FVIBC)

Find the available lake or river charts on the map key above. Use the + and - buttons to zoom into the map and see it in more detail.
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Please use the + and - buttons above to zoom into the map and see it in more detail.

Printed Fishing Charts

The Fishing Charts are printed on 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 inch) paper, clearly showcasing the lake bathymetry/lake depths and shore features including boat launches, campsites, parks and resorts. The maps also include the lake or river location and information such as elevation, surface area and mean and maximum depth, along with the fish species found in the lake or river.

There are options to have the map folded and unfolded as a Wall Map or Wall Art in two different sizes. The folded maps include the map cover, map key/area indicator and map legend. These can be printed on paper or waterproof synthetic and are used in the field or on adventures. The Wall Map options are customized to display nicely and fit into a standard-sized picture frames so you can hang on the cabin, living room or office wall.