Vancouver Island BC (VIBC)

Find your map # on the map key below (VIBC23), and choose one of the following:
A) Select the TOPO map from the dropdown and click GO

B) Enter your TOPO map key in the text field and click GO
Please use the + and - buttons above to zoom into the map and see it in more detail.


The Backroad TOPO maps are printed on 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 inch) paper with scales starting at 1:50,000. There are options to have the map folded and unfolded, as a Wall Map or Wall Art in two different sizes, as well as printed on paper or on a waterproof synthetic.

The folded maps include the map cover, map key/area indicator and map legend. These can be printed on paper or waterproof synthetic and are used in the field or on adventures. The Wall Map options are customized to display nicely and fit into a standard-sized picture frames so you can hang on the cabin, living room or office wall.