Vancouver Island BC (VIBC)

Get all the large scale details of Vancouver Island BC backcountry with BRMB topographic maps printed on durable, lightweight, water resistant paper.

Locate your destination on the Map below, record your map # (VIBC23), and choose one of the following:
A) Select the TOPO map from the dropdown and click GO

B) Enter your TOPO map key in the text field and click GO
Please use the + and - buttons above to zoom into the map and see it in more detail.

Georeferenced PDF – TOPO Digital Maps

Get the same great detailed topographic maps of BC, on your mobile device! Our digital georeferenced maps can be purchased, downloaded and viewed with Avenza Maps — one of the most recognized and well-used mobile mapping apps in the industry. Please note these large scale digital pdf topographic maps are not printable

Want the whole book?

Get the whole book in one easily downloadable format from here: Vancouver Island BC Backroad Mapbook

Only interested in one or two maps?

Get the individual TOPO PDF Maps from here: INDIVIDUAL PDF MAPS

You will need Avenza Maps app to download and view BRMB Digital Georeferenced PDF Maps:

1) Download Avenza from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store
Affiliate Button--Avenza allows for tracking, marking waypoints, zooming in and out, and more.

2) Launch the app on your device, locate the Avenza map store in your freshly downloaded Avenza App and search for Backroad Mapbooks.

3) Locate your desired map, make your purchase, grab your downloaded topographic map and you’re ready to go exploring!