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smartphones and tablets

smartphones and tablets

smartphones, tablets and watches

smartphones and tablets

smartphones and tablets

smartphones, tablets and watches

smartphones, tablets and watches

smartphones and tablets
Map Type

The benefit of the Dynamic mobile maps over our Static mobile maps is that you can view our entire Canada-wide base map, allowing for seamless navigation from coast to coast. In contrast, Static mobile maps require the purchasing of individual maps or Mapbook bundles equivalent to our printed Mapbooks.

Dynamic Scale Dynamic Scale Dynamic Scale Static Scale Static Scale Static Scale Static Scale Static Scale
Coverage All Canadian Provinces excluding Quebec All Canadian Provinces & Territories All Canadian Provinces & Territories All Canadian Provinces excluding Quebec All Canadian Provinces excluding Quebec All Canadian Provinces excluding Quebec Selected areas in BC and Ontario only Vancouver & Vancouver Island BC area only
Payment Type Yearly Subscription Yearly Subscription Yearly Subscription One-Time Purchase One-Time Purchase One-Time Purchase One-Time Purchase One-Time Purchase
How much does it cost? Starting from $17 CAD / year Gold Membership $30 USD / year Premium Membership $39.99 USD / year TOPO Maps $1.99 USD / each

Park Maps $1.99 USD

Recreation Maps $9.99 USD

Mapbook Bundles $19.99 - $24.99 USD
Mapbook Bundles $24.99 USD / each Mapbook Bundles $24.99 USD / each Recreation Maps $9.99 USD / each TOPO Maps $1.99 USD / each
Adventures / Activities
Backroad Mapbooks Trails & POIs

Features all Backroad Mapbooks trails & point of interests for offroading, fishing, hunting, paddling, parks, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, ATVing, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing and winter recreation activities.

Coming Soon Trail Adventures only
Searchable POIs
POIs Description

Feature all Backroad Mapbooks write-ups including fishing/funting species, trail difficulty and lenght, paddling access points and portage, directions and much more

Lake Bathymetry
Crown / Private Land    
App Features
GPS Locator & Map Tools

Including Droppable Waypoints, Distance and Recordable GPS Tracks

Webmap / Desktop trip planning ✔ Mac-only
Offline Functionality


brmb navigator

Backroad Navigator

Perfect for outdoor adventurers who would rather use their smartphone or tablet than a GPS unit, our BRMB and Backroad Navigator apps are a low cost, subscription based app available in both Android ($0.99/mo) and Apple platforms ($9.99/yr). Easy to use, this app puts all the cartographic detail and recreational information found in our popular Backroad Mapbooks series directly in the palm of your hand. Offline maps are available for download if you are heading out of cell or data service, and you can use the BRMB Navigator Web Map to import or review tracks and study the maps on the larger screen of your PC or laptop. Handy features include trip tracking and sharing, geotagged photos, unparalleled road and trail coverage, Points of Interest pop-up information and more.

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backcountry navigator

Backcountry Navigator XE

Offering our Canada-wide Backroad Mapbooks Base Map as part of a Gold Membership ($30 per year), Backcountry Navigator XE is one of the leading apps for hikers, mountain bikers, four-wheel drive enthusiasts, kayakers, fishers, hunters and many others. Download topographic maps for offline use deep in the backcountry, use waypoints from GPX or KML files to reference specific locations, enter your own coordinates using longitude/latitude, UTM or grid reference, record your own tracks or waypoints, share them with friends and more – Backcountry Navigator’s Backroad Mapbook Base Map will have you exploring the Canadian backcountry with confidence from coast to coast. This app is compatible with both Android smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for a handheld GPS device.

gaia maps

Gaia GPS

Used by outdoor adventurers all over the world, Gaia GPS provides a higher level of zoom and faster map rendering than other apps and offers our Canada-wide Backroad Mapbook Base Map as part of its Premium Membership ($49.99 per year) for iOS/Apple and Android devices. This robust app offers many of the same features as our Backroad Navigator including trip tracking, geotagged photos, GIS capabilities, GPX and KML file importing and exporting and more. With easy-to-read topographic relief and shading, lake bathymetry, the most extensive and detailed road network in the country and more, Gaia GPS’ Backroad Mapbooks Base Map will keep you on track anywhere in Canada. The app now features several BRMB Trail overlays, including 115,000 km of Multi-Use Trails, over 111,000 km of ATV Trails and almost 145,000 km of snowmobile trails. Look for more BRMB Adventure Layers to be added in the near future.


avenue maps

Avenza Maps

One of the world’s leading map apps, Avenza offers over 1,450 individual Backroad Mapbook topographic maps as part of their almost one million map collection. Individual BRMB TOPO maps ($1.99 each) along with complete Backroad Mapbook map bundles ($19.99-24.99 each) are available through Avenza for both Apple/iOS and Android. These maps are georeferenced so you can add placemarks, track your movements, measure distance and more. Avenza also offers our dual-sided BRMB Recreation Maps ($9.99 each), providing you with a larger area of coverage, as well as individual topographic maps of various BC & Alberta National and Provincial Parks ($1.99 each). Whether you are exploring the backcountry on foot, bicycle or vehicle, these maps will keep you pointed in the right direction.

Locus Maps

Locus Map

Featuring the Backroad Mapbook TOPO map bundles as part of a worldwide mapping network, Locus Map offers all the tools you would expect from a leading outdoor adventure mapping app. GPS navigation, downloadable offline maps, downloadable geocaches, trip tracking and waypoint marking are just a few of the tools found on this app for Android mobile devices. Locus Map features its own LoCoin currency, with the BRMB Mapbook bundle prices similar to those offered on other apps (about $24.99 each). With these bundles going live in the near future, Locus Map is the ideal choice for hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, geocachers and many others! No matter which corner of the country you find yourself in, Locus Map’s Backroad Mapbooks bundles will keep your adventures rolling smoothly.

Topo Maps+

Topo Maps+

Topo Maps+ is an iOS/Apple app designed with serious outdoor explorers in mind, with offline capabilities allowing you to travel deep into the backcountry and still stay on track with the help of your phone’s GPS signal. Specifically designed with trail users in mind, Topo Maps+ features data for over 500,000 trails. Backroad Mapbook TOPO map bundles are available for purchase within the app for $24.99 each, providing you with all the detail of our award-winning maps right at your fingertips. Handy features like trip tracking and waypoint marking help you study and share your routes, making this the ideal app for hikers, hunters and other outdoor adventurers. This app also allows you to easily check the distance and elevation profile along a trail between any two points.

paper maps

Paper Maps

Trusted by first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, GIS professionals and map publishers alike, this free iOS/Apple mapping app currently offers individual BRMB TOPO maps for Vancouver Island (63 maps) and the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region (54 maps) as part of its 600,000 map collection. Each map can be purchased for $1.99 and provides you with all the cartographic detail you would expect from a Backroad Mapbooks map including our celebrated logging road coverage, plus handy tools including trip tracking and placemarks. Whether you are hunting, fishing, ATVing, cycling, hiking, kayaking or just wandering through the BC backcountry, Paper Maps will keep you oriented and on track. More Backroad Mapbook maps will be added to the Paper Maps inventory in the near future.



Backroad Mapbooks is pleased to announce that our industry-leading recreation maps for BC and Ontario are now available through the ViewRanger app! This user-friendly, versatile map app is trusted by outdoor explorers from around the world and turns your phone into a fully-functioning GPS device, jam-packed with features such as trip tracking and sharing. Available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Apple Watch and Wear OS, the ViewRanger app will lead you through the backcountry with confidence, no matter if you are travelling by foot, four-wheel drive, horseback, mountain bike, ATV, snowmobile, cross-country ski or snowshoe.