Top 8 Family Friendly Hikes in Canada

Many families live hectic lives, with working parents and kids involved in more than one activity, and rarely get a chance to even sit down for a meal together let alone spend the day. Luckily many provinces in Canada have set aside a Family Day, one statuatory holiday a year that you are guaranteed time to spend with the whole clan!

The BRMB Team has put aside the best “family friendly” hikes across Canada, so you can make the most of your day with your loved ones, get the family out of the house, go explore and make some long-lasting memories the whole family will enjoy!

Golden Ears Park – Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

Situated in the heart of the BC’s lower mainland, Golden Ears Park is a popular campground, hiking destination and day beach area. Of the many hikes around Golden Ears, West Canyon Trail is the easiest and most family friendly, with a short distance, but an incredible view. Enjoy the view of Gold Creek as you walk along the 9 km (5.5 mi) well-maintained trail and in no time you can hear the falls up ahead. There are two viewpoints of the waterfall, and a perfect spot for a picnic lunch that will have the whole family falling in love with the adventure.

Image: Golden Ears – @giangs_in_canada

Siffleur Falls – Central Alberta

Located close to the Kootenay Plains Provincial Park, in Central Alberta, Siffleur Falls is the perfect exploration for the adventurous family. Not only does the 12 km (7.4 mi) round trip hike finish with a view of a stunning waterfall, but the hike itself is full of interesting walkways and fantastic views of the Siffleur River Canyon along the way. The trail takes you and your family over a boardwalk and a suspension bridge, leading towards the picturesque waterfall at the end. With a wide and well maintained trail, as well as exciting views all throughout, Siffleur Falls is certainly a must-do adventure for your family.

Image: Siffleur Falls – @rachelbunny1115

Meewasin Trail – Saskatchewan

Extending 25 km (15 mi) down the east and west sides of the South Saskatchewan River, Meewasin Trail is a great scenic trail for any family. As part of the Saskatchewan Trans Canada Trails (TCT) the Meewasin Trail is a very well-used, year-round trail for activities and adventure of all kinds. With paved, and unpaved, portions of the trail you can enjoy the views of the river and historic scene points no matter the age range you’re adventuring with. A colourful pedestrian footbridge will lead you to the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market for fresh food and well-deserved delicious treats after an adventure on the Meewasin Trail.

Image: Meewasin Trail – @gingahairnynja

Fort Whyte Alive – Manitoba

What could be a better family adventure than one that involves a bit of exercise along with some educated fun? At Fort Whyte Alive nature centre, 5 trails, totalling in 7 km (4.3 mi) branch off to the north and east, offering everything from a short 500 metre (0.31 mi) hike to a 4.6 km (2.8 mi) trek. A floating boardwalk trail leads you and your family to the swamp and marsh ecosystems where kids can get a hand net kid and can spend their time scooping up marsh insects to inspect and in the winter, you can bring or rent snowshoes and follow the animal tracks found there. Along with the indoor Interpretive Centre, and other kid-friendly and educational eco-trails, you can spend a whole day out in the wilderness finding fun for the whole family at Fort Whyte Alive.

Image: Fort Whyte Nature Centre – @chrissmithtopher

Pigeon River Provincial Park – Northwestern Ontario

If you’re looking for a family-friendly hike with never-ending views, then Pigeon River Park near Thunder Bay, Ontario is the adventure for you! Open year round, Pigeon River Park has two scenic waterfalls and tons of hiking options for all age ranges and skill levels. The best trail in the park is the 1.5 km (0.9 mi) Boardwalk Trail. This loop leads to an impressive view of Lake Superior and is wheelchair (and stroller) accessible, and features plenty of interpretive signs, and a viewing deck. The two hikes to the waterfalls, Lookout (middle falls) Trail and the High Falls Trail, are a bit more difficult, but still do-able for older and more skilled adventurers. Whatever the trail, a trek through Pigeon River Provincial Park this Family Day is sure to excite and entertain everyone.

Image: Pigeon River – @claudiu1075

Irving Nature Park – New Brunswick

With a variety of well used trails ranging in length and difficulty, Irving Nature Park is a wilderness escape for every family. The diverse landscapes throughout the park will lead you to find tons of wildlife including over 250 different bird species as well as a seal observation deck where you can watch wild seals soaking in the sun. Tire your kids out running on the beach or through the cedar hedge mazes in the playground, and enjoy the incredible views of the Acadian forests, barrier beaches, bogs, salt marshes, mud flats and some of the highest tides in the world along with them.

Irving Nature Park, NB – New Brunswick Backroad Mapbook

Balancing Rock Trail – Nova Scotia

Looking for a family adventure that rocks? The Balancing Rock Trail in Nova Scotia will give you a viewpoint that sure does! The hike is a simple 2.5 km (1.5 mi) over gravel paths and well-kept boardwalks, finishing with a staircase to the view of a 9 metre (29.5 ft.) tall basalt-rock sea stack. The column of basalt rock, perched in an unbelievable way, has remained like this for thousands, if not millions, of years and it’s quite the spectacle to witness. You and your family will have your world rocked by the incredible adventure and even better view.

Balancing Rock Trail, NS – Nova Scotia Backroad Mapbook

Greenwich Dunes – Prince Edward Island

A simple hike in Prince Edward Island, the Greenwich Dunes Trail will take you over a floating boardwalk towards scenic, but quiet, sand dunes. The flat marshy lands provide home to ample wildlife and even more landscapes. The quick 2.5 km (1.5 mi) flat trail is easily accessible by everyone and the exciting creatures and sights are easily enjoyed as well. Located in the popular Prince Edward Island National Park, you can spend the day exploring the dunes and trail, or add to the Family Day adventure throughout the rest of the park.

Image: Greenwich Dunes – @tystapleton

You can find your way to these and many more family adventures across Canada with the help of our Backroad Mapbooks and Backcountry GPS Maps!

Do you and your family have a favourite hike that we missed?

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