From designated ATV trails to summer access snowmobile routes and old logging roads, ATV riders in Saskatchewan have a wealth of choices for exploring the province’s beautiful backcountry. If you have ever leafed through a Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook, you already know about the sprawling forests, legendary fishing lakes and towering sand dunes you will encounter on any Saskatchewan ATV adventure.


With more trails open than ever before thanks to Saskatchewan’s dedicated ATV community, there has never been a better time to get out riding. And when it comes to navigating ATV access points and trails, our Saskatchewan Backroad GPS Maps are your key to adventure.  


Grab a sneak peek of what Saskatchewan ATVing has to offer below with our Top 10 picks for ATV Adventures in Saskatchewan.


Nisbet Forest

Bordered by the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, this 83,000 hectare (205,000 ac) area protects a historical timber harvesting region that has been allowed to regenerate and now serves as a hotspot for outdoor recreation of all kinds. There is an elaborate web of designated ATV trails within the forest, divided into east and west sections on either side of Highway 11. The west section is larger, featuring a lot of dry sand trails and numerous swamps and lakes, while the east side offers some beautiful riding along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Informal rest stops and cabins are found throughout to make your Saskatchewan ATVing adventure in the Nisbett Forest a fun and relaxing one.  



Candle Lake Provincial Park

Famous for its sandy beaches, clear water and excellent fishing, Candle Lake Provincial Park also boasts over 300 km (185 mi) of snowmobile trails that make for some excellent Saskatchewan ATVing in the spring, summer and fall. Trails wind their way through mature pine forest rich with wildlife, leading you into remote areas of the park that few visitors ever get to see. The resort village of Candle Lake even allows ATVs on most of its roadways, and it is possible to connect with nearby ATV areas for extended rides.


Bronson Forest

Found just off Highway 21, northwest of North Battleford, the Bronson Forest offers over 20 km (12 mi) of ATV trails that are well suited for experienced riders. Leading you through a remote wilderness area, these trails connect with the Bronson Recreation Area where you will find sandy beaches, camping and some excellent fishing for northern pike and walleye. What better way to cap off a day of Saskatchewan ATVing than with a freshly caught lakeside fish dinner?  


Narrow Hills Provincial Park

With well over 200 km (125 mi) of designated ATV trails, Narrow Hills is one of Saskatchewan’s most expansive ATVing areas. Trails wind through scenic northern boreal forest and lead riders around the 25 lakes contained within the park, creating a wealth of angling opportunities if you don’t mind bringing your rod along with you on your ride. Moose and deer can often be seen amid the jack pine and black spruce that proliferate here. Many of the trails are wide and well maintained, while others are more rugged and are best suited for adventurous, skilled riders. In either case, there is plenty of northern Saskatchewan wilderness to explore via ATV in Narrow Hills Provincial Park.


Map courtesy of Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook


Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

This remote park, found some 40 km northwest of Yorkton, offers a vast network of informal ATV trails that are best suited for experienced ATVers with powerful machines. If you don’t mind muddy and unpredictable conditions, this is the perfect off-the-grid Saskatchewan ATVing adventure for you. With sweeping views of Good Spirit Lake, towering sand dunes and a maze of trails to choose from, this riding area is guaranteed to put you in good spirits.

Image courtesy of @zachariastyler


Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Moose Mountain Provincial Park is a forest oasis amid the prairies, where beautiful stands of aspen, birch, green ash and Manitoba Maple surround small lakes rich with birds and other wildlife. There are designated trails within the park that are open to ATVing from June 15th through the Labour Day weekend, including the 21 km (13 mi) Centre Road Trail and the 19 km (12 mi) Harmon Lake Trail. In total, ATVers will find over 100 km (60 mi) of well-maintained trails here.



Emma Lake

Found just outside of the southeastern tip of Prince Albert National Park, Emma Lake is a popular vacation destination for beachgoers and campers, but also features a network of ATV trails that connect with many of the nearby lakes, including Cristopher Lake, Oscar Lake and others. This thickly forested area makes for some nicely shaded riding, but you will still want to bring along your swimsuit for a refreshing lake dip after a day of ATVing through the gorgeous Saskatchewan wilderness.


Map courtesy of Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook


Fort a La Corne Provincial Forest

With extensive sand and dirt trails leading you through Jack pine and aspen forest, along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River and many smaller streams, Fort a La Corne Provincial Forest is another must-ride destination for Saskatchewan ATVers. There are multiple access points to the trail network, conveniently found off of Highway 6, and the Sandberg Creek Rest Stop makes for a perfect riverside lunch spot.


Fort a La Corne Provincial Forest - saskborder.jpg


Big River

Found to the west of Prince Albert National Park, there are over 300 km (180 mi) of trails to explore around the town of Big River. ATVers can follow along old logging roads, snowmobile routes and narrow ATV trails, with stream crossings and other obstacles providing a good challenge for intermediate riders. There are over 40 lakes that are accessed by this trail system, so you will want to bring your fishing rod with you on this Saskatchewan ATVing adventure. One interesting destination here is the Timberlost Area, which was briefly settled in the 1930s and where you can still see many of the old buildings. With so much to explore, it is best to spend at least a couple of days ATVing in Big River, Saskatchewan.


Image courtesy of Tourism Saskatchewan

Hudson Bay

Consistently sweeping the RidersWest Rider’s/Reader’s Choice Awards year after year, the Hudson Bay area offers a massive snowmobile system that can be used by ATVs in the summer, along with hundreds of kilometers of old logging roads and hunting trails that extend deep into the Porcupine Provincial Forest, the Pasquia Provincial Forest and beyond. Trails range from easy and well-maintained to expert only, offering everything from a casual scenic ride to a white-knuckle challenge. Whichever type of ATV adventure you prefer, you can find it in Saskatchewan’s Hudson Bay.


Map courtesy of Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook





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