Here at Backroad Mapbooks, the excitement is steadily rising for the fall hunting season. While many of us have our tried and tested go-to hunting spots where we know every backroad, bluff and cutblock by heart, it can be just as fun to get out and discover someplace new - there is certainly no shortage of land to explore in our beautiful country. Wherever we are headed, one of our favourite navigating tools for fall hunting is a custom TOPO map. Here are a few reasons why.


Complete Coverage

Our large-format topographic maps are available for any part of the country that is covered by our Backroad Mapbooks - that’s every province except for Quebec! With over 1,500 maps to choose from, you can find the exact area where you plan to hunt, whether it is for mule deer in BC or moose deep in the forests of Newfoundland.


Large Format and Durable

Printed on 34" x 46.25" paper, these maps are BIG, lightweight and easy to read. With map scales starting at 1:50,000, our industry-leading shaded relief and contour lines are even clearer than they appear in our Backroad Mapbooks. Our TOPO maps come on durable, water resistant paper and can be folded up to fit in your front pocket, so you can take them with you anywhere.


Clearly Labelled Hunting Zones

Our TOPO maps have clearly defined Hunting or Wildlife Management Zones for each province. These include Wildlife Management Units (WMU) in Alberta, BC and Ontario, Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ) in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, Game Hunting Areas (GHA) in Manitoba, Caribou and Moose Management Areas (CMA, MMA) in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Deer and Moose Management Zones (DMZ, MMZ) in Nova Scotia. So wherever you are hunting, you know exactly which regulations to follow while out in the backcountry. Since rules and seasons can change from one Unit, Zone or Area to the next, this is an indispensable resource for a hassle-free hunt.


Adding to the mix are Crown Land and/or private land areas in most provinces (BC, Northern Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia). We also show non-hunting areas like national and provincial parks, ecological reserves, protected areas, First Nations reserves and more.



Endless Road Networks

From highways to rural roads, logging roads and even deactivated roads, we have you covered when it comes to accessing that hard-to-reach hunting spot. We know that the best hunting areas are usually found deep in the bush, which is why our TOPO Maps feature the most extensive road coverage of any recreation or topographic map available on the market.


Tons of Trails

To get you even closer to that trophy animal, our TOPO maps contain thousands of kilometers of hiking, ATVing and snowmobiling trails, as well as paddling routes complete with portages and clearly marked trailheads. Whether you are stalking a cougar or setting up a bird blind, these maps will get you exactly where you need to go.


Points of Interest

Looking to turn your day of hunting into an overnight adventure? Our TOPO maps have clearly marked campsites and recreation sites, so you can find the perfect place to base camp for another day in the backcountry. We also mark boat launches, scenic viewpoints, waterfalls and other natural and manmade features, so you know exactly what to expect from an area, even if you have never hunted there before.


Fully Digital

Our TOPO maps are also available for digital download onto your mobile device through the Avenza Maps Mobile App , Paper Maps App (Vancouver Island and Vancouver Coast & Mountains regions of BC), Locus Maps app and Topo Maps+ mapping app, giving you all the details of our award-winning maps PLUS handy tools like tracks, waypoints, zoom and more. To learn more about our digital TOPO maps, check out this link.


Of course, there is only so much we can write about our TOPO maps. To truly appreciate all that these industry-leading maps bring to the table, get your hands on a map of your own - you can easily order one from our website. Simply choose your province, region and specific area, and you’re good to go.


Limited Entry Hunting

In addition to our regular TOPO Maps, we now offer BC Limited Entry Hunting maps. The current LEH boundaries in BC can be added to any BRMB Topo map for an additional fee. We can also create custom hunting Topo Maps in BC covering the entire LEH area, WMU or even the particular hot spot you want to explore. To order a custom hunting Topo Map, email .