As the leaves begin to turn colour, anglers across Canada rejoice at the thought of Fall fishing season. For many anglers, nothing sounds better after a long, hot and busy summer with family, friends, camping and adventures. Fall fishing brings quiet time, colder weather and less crowds to the lake.


While the thrill of the catch is 90% of the reason many anglers love the sport so dearly, there is something even better that sweetens the deal – the taste of a freshly caught fish! While you can just gut it, fillet it, throw some spice on it and call it a day, if you want to REELY enjoy your catch, you will have to do a little more than just that! This year, spring into some exciting new flavours with our top 10 fresh fish recipes



  1. Largemouth Bass Tacos

To celebrate a winning catch, nothing says fiesta better than fish tacos! While this recipe will work with any firm, lean fish, to get the most flavour a nice largemouth bass fillet will do the trick! The Bay of Quinte, in
Eastern Ontario, offers some of the best largemouth bass fishing opportunities, and you are certain to find a hearty catch to fill your fish tacos with!



  1. The Lake Erie Monster

Named after the great lake itself, the Lake Erie Monster is a delicious take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. You will find the perfect trophy walleye to complete this beast of a feast in
Southern Ontario’s Lake Erie, with some weighing in up to 4.5 kg (10 lb) and measuring up to 75 cm (30 in)! Paired between two thick bread slices and a deserving amount of cheese, this mammoth monstrosity is frighteningly delicious.



  1. Crisp Lime Brook Trout

This dish with a crisp taste is certainly the favoured way to cook your fresh fish. While you can use a variety of fish alternatives to complete this plate, it is best with a trophy Brook Trout caught in the freshwaters of



  1. Panfish Chowder

Eager to chow down on some fabulous fish stew? Perfect for cooler, Sunday spring evenings, this sweet Panfish Chowder is the perfect way to warm up after a day on the lake. While you can use any kind of fish to complete this dish, panfish, which flourish in
Cottage Country Ontario’s interconnected Kawartha Lakes, make for the perfect pair to the corn stock base.



  1. Santa Fe Fish Cakes


There is no way you could say no to a Santa Fe Fish Cake, especially one with fresh fish you caught yourself! These crispy, easy to make cakes will taste like you are in the south, even if you caught the pike to make them all the way up in northern Saskatchewan at Lake Athabasca. Though the only option to get to this prime fishing destination is flying, you will find pike big enough to last you a month’s worth of Santa Fe Fish Cakes and then some!



  1. Classic Fish and Chips

Though typically made with saltwater halibut, this classic fish and chips recipe pairs perfectly with walleye or catfish too! If you REALLY like the recipe, make sure to catch your catfish on
Manitoba’s Red River, where you will find an abundance of monsters up to 6 kg (13 lbs).



  1. Buttermilk Poached Trout

While the idea of poached fish can be appealing due to the ease of the cooking process, the melty texture and the no added fat, the outcome can often be quite bland and tasteless. This buttermilk poached trout recipe makes sure your hard-earned catch is not put to waste on a poorly flavoured meal. For the perfect trout to poach,
Northwestern Ontario’s Lake Nipigon hosts healthy 9 kg (20 lb)  lake trout by the bucket.



  1. Blackened Catfish

Though the name of this dish can sound unappealing, Blackened Fish can be quite the delicious result. Combining a fish fillet, lots of butter and a whole bunch of spice, this entre is sure to put a little pep in your step. You can use almost any kind of fish for this recipe, but one of the best recommended is catfish.



  1. Walleye Fish Sandwich

A take on the Louisiana classic, this Walleye Fish Sandwich recipe will have your taste buds alive and dancing with joy. Using one 6.8 kg (15 lb) trophy walleye caught in Lake Winnipeg,
Manitoba, will be more than enough to fill your stomach with this tasty soulful treat from New Orleans.



  1. Pickled Pike

If you are looking to pick a dish that is simple and delicious then you will want to try pickled pike. This classic dish makes the chore of filleting pike less difficult, as the acid in the vinegar of the dish dissolves the difficult to remove “Y-bones,” and is best served on toast, crackers or however you prefer!


Do you have a favourite fish dish? Share your fresh-fish recipes and tricks with us in the comments below or take a pic of your dish and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #brmblife, and you’ll be automatically entered to win BRMB Swag and products!



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