Backroad Mapbooks is pleased to announce that our industry-leading topographic maps for Canada are now available on the Backcountry Navigator XE app. This user-friendly, versatile map application is trusted by over half a million backroad explorers and turns your phone into a complete outdoor topo mapping GPS device. With the addition of Backroad Mapbooks’ celebrated maps, Backcountry Navigator XE is the ultimate navigational tool for hikers, off-road enthusiasts, ATVers, hunters, mountain bikers and equestrians. Here are a few of the features that you will find on your Backroad Mapbooks maps while using the Backcountry Navigator XE app:


Canada-wide Coverage

The Backroad Mapbooks digital map layer is available for purchase as part of the Backcountry Navigator XE Gold Membership and covers the entire country from coast to coast, including the northern territories. From the majestic fjords of Labrador to the wind-swept rainforests of Vancouver Island, you can enjoy seamless map coverage and the most detailed and current topographic data possible. This is one of the features that sets this app apart from Locus, Avenza and Topo Maps+, which require the purchase of individual maps or regional map bundles.



Easy-to-Read Topographic Relief and Shading

The Backroad Mapbooks map layer overlays our award-winning maps onto your Backroad Navigator XE display, providing you with all the detail that helps make our maps so popular among outdoor adventurers. This includes our unparalleled topographic relief, contour and shading, plus familiar map details like named creeks and rivers, provincial and park boundaries, roadways and much more.


Industry-leading hillshading provides you with most accurate view of Canada’s topography available on any mobile map. Backroad Mapbooks shows you the lay of the land like no one else does.



More Roads Than Any Other Map

These dynamic mobile maps provide you with an unprecedented level of road detail. In additional to highways, secondary highways, city roads and rural roads we show you thousands of logging and resource roads, recreation roads, grid roads, unclassified roads and even deactivated roads. No other mobile map provides you with this level of road coverage.



Lake Bathymetry

Unique to the Backroad Mapbooks base map is the addition of lake bathymetry (depth contours) for Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and Yukon. This added feature is especially useful for anglers, allowing you to target the deep pools, shallows and structure where fish prefer to hang out.



Full GPS Capabilities

Backroad Mapbooks’ map layer for Backcountry Navigator XE is more than just a set of maps - these dynamic mobile maps use your phone’s GPS locator to pinpoint your precise location. You can then track your movements and drop waypoints, then share this information with friends once you are in cell or data range. Backcountry Navigator XE turns your phone into a fully-functioning GPS device perfect for snowmobiling, hiking, hunting, ATVing, mountain biking, paddling or horseback riding.



You can discover all of these features and more by purchasing the Backcountry Navigator XE app for Android on Google Play. We’re confident that the Backroad Mapbooks base map will help you have the adventure of a lifetime!