Algonquin Park not only offers a chance to view some of the most iconic and beautiful scenery you can find anywhere in Canada, but also to see some of the many wild creatures that call this stunning landscape home. The park is home to over 40 species of mammals, more than 30 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, as well as 130 bird species. While it is very unlikely you well get to see all of them, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of as many of these wild critters as possible.


You won’t have to travel far into the park’s backcountry to have your first Algonquin wildlife sighting, as many animals can be found right along the Highway 60 Corridor. Some of the other well-known wildlife viewing sights are along the Mizzy Lake and Beaver Pond Trails as well as the Spruce Bog Boardwalk. While there is a good chance you can just head out on a walk and see some active inhabitants of Algonquin Park, here are a couple tips to help improve your chances.





1.  Head out for a viewing either in the evening or dawn. 

This is when wild animals are most active and timing your outing around sunrise and sunset will yield the best results. 



2.  The use of binoculars is very important if birds are what you’re looking for. 

Often, getting too close will scare them off and a good set of binoculars will help you get a good view from a comfortable distance.


3.  Always stay at a respectful distance of the animals! 

Coming too close can alter their natural behaviour, affecting the viewing chances for others, and even put both you and the animal at risk. If you spot an animal along the road, slow down and pull over while obeying normal traffic rules, and stay at least 100 metres away from large mammals. 






Find your own adventure!