Ice Fishing Ontario - Premier Edition
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Released: 2004-06-01

ISBN #: 978-1-894556-40-8

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11")

Map Scale: 38 Lake Charts @ various scales, 16 Key Maps @ various scale

Includes: Eastern Ontario, Haliburton, Kawarthas, Muskoka, and Near North regions. Also includes regional towns/cities such as Bracebridge, Bancroft, Barrie, Barry's Bay, Gravenhurst, Guelph, Huntsville, Kingston, North Bay, Owen Sound, Parry Sound, Perth, Peterbor

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Ice Fishing Ontario: Lake & River Charts

Backroad Mapbooks’ Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book is Ontario’s most complete ice fishing guide. The province of Ontario boasts some of the most prized ice fishing locations in all of Canada. Readily accessible to fishers from all over the country, and seeing temperatures well below zero for much of the year, the lands that stretch across Ontario outside of major cities like Toronto – from Guelph to Thunder Bay to the far, frozen north – teem with ice fishing opportunities. Every year across frozen lakes and ponds fishers dig into the ice to catch those beautiful Ontario treasures.

Your Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book details the best ice fishing locations in Ontario. From popular spots like Lake Nipissing and Lake Simcoe, to interior access lakes hidden deep in the backcountry, we show you where to start your ice fishing adventure. A thrilling fishing sport, ice fishing comes with a host of techniques that we break down for you in our map book, making this the most comprehensive guide to Ontario ice fishing on the market. The goal of Backroad Mapbooks’ Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book is to get you fishing those frozen Ontario waters with all the confidence of an expert ice angler. So what are you waiting for? Bundle up, grab your map book, and embrace all that Ontario has to offer during Canada’s coldest months.



Ice Fishing in Ontario

Backroad Mapbooks’ Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book is your go-to guide for ice fishing information. We give you the breakdown on Ontario’s fishing regions, stocking, special restrictions, catch and release practice, species – including trout, bass, walleye, salmon and more – and techniques and equipment that are crucial to your success when ice fishing the frozen waters of Ontario. In addition to a wealth of information on ice fishing in Ontario, your fishing map book details the necessary safety considerations to take into account when venturing out for this winter sport.

Ontario Ice Fishing Lakes

As fishers travel across the landscape of Ontario, a world of ice fishing possibilities unfolds. The Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book details a whopping 450 fishing lakes where ice anglers can find success throughout the winter. From the areas around Guelph in southwestern Ontario, to fishing lakes in Peterborough and beyond in cottage country, to the stunning lakes found outside of Kingston in the east, to Sudbury and the legendary Algonquin Park region, the Ice Fishing Ontario fishing map book’s comprehensive listings show you the best of Ontario. With bathymetric (depth) lake charts, lake maps, directions and access points, and oodles of ice fishing tips, these map book listings tell you everything you need to know to embark on your Ontario ice fishing adventure with confidence.


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