Thompson Okanagan BC - 4th Edition
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Released: 2016-05-16

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ISBN #: 978-1-926806-52-5

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 21.5cm x 28cm (8.5" x 11")

Map Scale: 51 maps @ 1:200,000

Includes: Cache Creek, Clearwater, Grand Forks, Kamloops, Kelowna, McBride, Merritt, Penticton, Princeton, Salmon Arm, Savona, Valemount, Vernon, & more

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Covering the heart of BC’s interior, from the thickly forested mountains of Manning Provincial Park to the unique microclimates of Boundary Country, this book presents limitless adventure opportunities for hikers, bikers, anglers, hunters, ATVers, snowmobilers and many others.

With hot summers, snowy winters and a huge variance of terrain, from inland desert to icy alpine peaks, the Thompson Okanagan is a diverse region with something to offer every type of outdoor recreationist. Some of the cleanest and warmest lakes and rivers in Canada make this a truly special place to visit in the summer, while numerous mountain resorts and backcountry areas make this one of the best places in the country to ski, snowboard and snowmobile, as well. With such a diverse landscape and an equally diverse selection of recreation opportunities, planning your Thompson Okanagan adventure can be a challenge.

The newest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Backroad Mapbook is the perfect tool to get you outdoors with confidence in this spectacular part of Canada. With many updates and improvements, including extensive updates to roads, trails, paddling routes, motorized riding areas and more, this is the most comprehensive guide to outdoor adventure in the Thompson Okanagan you will find anywhere. With industry leading topographic maps, detailed trip planning resources and meticulously researched adventure listings, there is no better publication available for exploring the Thompson Okanagan.   


Topographic Maps
The latest edition of out Thompson Okanagan Mapbook features 51 updated maps at 1:200,000 scale, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, trails and other points-of-interest. These 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") maps are printed on thick, durable paper protected by a heavy-duty spiral-bound cover. Our maps represent the leading industry standard for cartographic sophistication – you won’t find an easier-to-use or more detailed collection of maps for the Thompson Okanagan anywhere. Our maps are even the top choice for Search and Rescue teams!

New to this edition, we have divided the index into Map and Adventure sections to make it even easier to use. You will find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.

Community Profiles
In this edition you will find a brand-new section of Community Profiles where we list the best things to see and do around the Thompson Okanagan’s main communities. We cover Ashcroft, Chase, Enderby, Greenwood, Kamloops, Merritt, Princeton, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Oliver, Osoyoos, Vernon, Kelowna and many others.


Backroad Adventures
With over 133,000 kilometres of roads featured on our maps, including highways, city roads and logging and industry backroads, as well as dozens of detailed Backroad Adventure listings, no other publication will get you to that special roadside attraction like this one. We let you in on the best roads to travel and the best places to stop along them, from the Kettle Valley to the Shuswap and everywhere in between. 

Fishing Adventures
The abundance of nutrient-rich alkali lakes in this region, along with thousands of kilometers of freshwater streams and rivers, make the Thompson Okanagan one of the best areas for trout fishing in the province. Our Thompson Okanagan Mapbook describes over 500 lakes in the region and more than 50 rivers, letting you in on the best fishing hotspots in the area. From the many lakes around Merritt to the secluded rivers and streams of the Granby and Christian Valleys, we have you covered for lake fishing and river fishing in the southern interior of BC.

Hunting Adventures
A mild climate and diverse topography make the Thompson Okanagan a very productive hunting area. From big game hunting for black bears, deer and moose, to turkey hunting or small game hunting for rabbits and pheasants, an excellent hunting spot is never too far away in the Thompson Okanagan. With detailed descriptions of the main species and WMUs (Wildlife Management Units) in the area, the newest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Mapbook has you covered for hunting in the Okanagan, Thompson, Shuswap and everywhere else in the southern interior.

Paddling Adventures
From lake canoeing to white water kayaking, paddlers can find a little bit of everything in the Thompson Okanagan. In the latest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Mapbook you will find detailed listings for 60 paddling routes in the area, complete with put-in and take-out locations, highlights and grade of difficulty. Whether you are looking to get technical on the Clearwater River or enjoy a calm lake kayak on Christina Lake, this is your best guide to paddling the Thompson Okanagan.

Park Adventures
From hiking, camping and paddling to just soaking in the beauty of nature, the Thompson Okanagan’s provincial and regional parks offer unparalleled access to some of the most pristine backcountry in Canada. From paddling in Arrow Lakes Provincial Park to hiking the remote peaks of Cathedral Provincial Park, there is no shortage of jaw-dropping terrain to explore here. In the newest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Mapbook you will find close to 150 detailed descriptions of the area’s parks, complete with access, highlights, size and other useful information.

Rec Site Adventures
While provincial parks are usually the most popular places to camp, there are a huge number of camping and day use sites maintained by Recreation Sites and Trails BC found all around the Thompson Okanagan area that often offer a more rustic camping experience. These are great sites to use not only for camping, but for accessing hiking, hunting, fishing and paddling terrain around Cache Creek, Grand Forks, McBride, Princeton, Savona and many other locations. In the newest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Mapbook you will find 300 detailed listings for Rec Sites in the area, complete with access, available facilities and activities and more.

Trail Adventures
From the world famous Kettle Valley Railway to the dramatic peaks of Cathedral Provincial Park and the untamed wilderness of Wells Gray Provincial Park, the Thompson Okanagan is blessed with an expansive trail system that takes hikers, bikers, horseback riders and others into some of the most naturally stunning areas you can find anywhere. In the latest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Backroads Mapbook you will find 350 multi-use trail listings complete with distance, difficulty, access and highlights.

ATV Adventures
Warm weather and a relatively sparse population make the Thompson Okanagan one of the best off-road riding areas in the country. From ATVing along the many dirt and gravel roads to playing in one of the many designated ATV areas, there are plenty of options for ATVers in BC’s southern interior. In the latest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Backroad Mapbook you will find dozens of detailed listings for ATV trails and riding areas around the communities of Ashcroft, McBride, Summerland, Tulameen and more.

Snowmobile Adventures
The southern interior of BC has some of the best snowmobile terrain in Canada with plenty of snow, large mountains and extensive networks of snowmobile trails and logging roads close to most communities. In our newest Thompson Okanagan Mapbook, you will find over 70 detailed descriptions of places to sled in the Southern Interior, including the areas around Allan Creek, Coquihalla Lakes, Logan Lake, Spa Hills and many more.

Wildlife Adventures
With a diverse climate that includes inland desert, large wetlands, arid valleys, alpine mountain ranges and more, wildlife viewers will find a huge selection of creatures to watch for in the Thompson Okanagan. Bears, deer, mountain goats and bighorn sheep can all be found here, and birders can view many species of resident and migrating birds. In the newest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Backroad Mapbook you will find close to 50 listings for wildlife viewing in the area, from Grand Forks to Summerland, Salmon Arm, Osoyoos and more.

Winter Adventures
Although the Thompson Okanagan Region has hot summers and many areas enjoy mild winters, the surrounding mountains offer guaranteed excitement in the winter with an abundant snowpack and some of the best skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing terrain you will find anywhere in BC or, for that matter, in Canada. In the latest edition of our Thompson Okanagan Backroad Mapbook you will find dozens of detailed winter rec listings spanning the Okanagan, Boundary Country, the Shuswap and more.


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Map Updates

Map Number Coordinate Comment Publication Year Update Date
New Option
Lemieux Lake (Map 33/D2)
Found north of Little Fort off of a secondary road from the Lemieux Creek Forest Service Road, this small lake offers some decent angling for stocked eastern brook trout and rainbow trout. A small canoe or float tube would be best to explore the lake. Try the inlet and outlet streams for feeding brookies.
2016 2017-09-07
New Option
Shere Lake (Map 50/C6)
Tucked between the Fraser River and the Tete Jaune-Croydon Forest Service Road, this small lake is home to a recreation site and trail. Visitors can find a few stocked brook trout here.
2016 2017-09-07
New Option
Scuitto Lake Recreation Site (Map 22/F4)
A new recreation site is found on Scuitto Lake. It offers camping and a cartop boat launch.
2016 2017-09-07
New Option
Sulphurous Lake Rec Site (Map 32/C2)
A new recreation site is found along the northern shore of Sulphurous Lake. It is a day-use only site offering picnic tables and a boat launch.
2016 2017-09-07
21 G4 Map 21/G4–22/A4 The Chuwhels Motorized Trails trail system around Lac le Jeune is not an authorized ATV or snowmobile area so riders are asked to go elsewhere. 2016 2017-09-07
21 G4 Map 21/G6–22/C4 The trail system around Lac le Jeune is not an authorized ATV or snowmobile area so riders are asked to go elsewhere. 2016 2017-09-07
22 B4 The Bush Lake Interpretive Forest trail system no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
22 B5 This trail system is simply called the Stake Lake Cross-Country Ski Trails. The Lac Le Jeune trails are informal and not maintained. 2016 2017-09-07
22 F4 A new recreation site is found on Scuitto Lake. It offers camping and a cartop boat launch. 2016 2017-09-07
22 G1 Map 22/G1-23/A1 The Pinatan Lake Trails no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
27 F7 The Tranquille Meadow Recreation Site no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
27 G5 Map 27/G5–32/G7 Last report the Masters Subalpine Trek no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
28 B3 The Rea Lake Circuit trail system no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
28 C5 The Jamieson Creek Snowmobile trail system is not an authorized ATV or snowmobile area so riders are asked to go elsewhere. 2016 2017-09-07
28 F4 Knouff Lake and Sullivan Lake are misnamed on the map. Sullivan Lake is the bigger lake to the south, while Knouff Lake is the smaller lake to the north. 2016 2017-09-07
29 A6 The Eileen Lake Trails no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
29 A7 The Pemberton Lake Recreation Site is tenting only. 2016 2017-09-07
32 C2 A new recreation site is found along the northern shore of Sulphurous Lake. It is a day-use only site offering picnic tables and a boat launch. 2016 2017-09-07
33 B5 The Thuya Lakes Snowmobile trail system is not an authorized ATV or snowmobile area so riders are asked to go elsewhere. 2016 2017-09-07
33 G6 The Birk-Leone Loop trail no longer exists. 2016 2017-09-07
37 B2 Flourmills Trail inside Wells Gray Park is no longer a snowmobile trail. Same for the Spanish Lake Trail. However, the Mica Mountain Snowmobile Area is found to north of these trails. 2016 2017-09-07

Writing Updates

Page Number Comment Publication Year Update Date
70 No longer stocked
Arthur Lake (Map 24/A4)
Found off the Bolean Lake Road (good two-wheel drive access), Arthur Lake has a recreation site complete with a cartop boat launch. The 75 hectare (185 ac) lake offers good fishing for rainbow through the summer.
2016 2017-09-07
70 Updated lake names in description n
Badger and Spooney Lakes (Map 28/E3)
Badger and Spooney Lakes are separated by a narrow channel that offers fishing for rainbow. Also in the area are Little and West Badger and Little Spooney Lakes. West Badger Lake is stocked occasionally with rainbow.
2016 2017-09-07
71 No longer stocked
Barton Lake (Map 16/C4)
Small rainbow trout are found in this 45 hectare (110 ac) lake. The lake is best fished during the spring and fall. Access to this lake is by a long hike/four-wheel drive road, ensuring little fishing pressure.
2016 2017-09-07
71 The lake is also stocked rainbow trout
Becker Lake (Map 17/E1)
Becker Lake is a small fishing lake east of Vernon that is stocked annually with brook and rainbow trout. Access to the lake is along the two-wheel drive Becker Road and there is a recreation site with cartop boat launch and campground.
2016 2017-09-07
72 No longer stocked
Bob’s Lake (Map 15/D7)
The 10 hectare (25 ac) lake has a recreation site with a cartop boat launch and a camping area. The lake provides good fishing for small rainbow that can reach 1 kg (2 lbs) in size. There is a special retention limit here.
2016 2017-09-07
78 Updated map coordinates
Eileen Lake (Map 29/A7)
Eileen Lake is found on a two-wheel drive access road south of Sun Peaks and provides a reasonably good fishery for small stocked rainbow. The 10 hectare (25 ac) lake warms in the summer so it is best to fish in the spring or fall. It is possible to launch small boats at the lake.
2016 2017-09-07
78 Updated map coordinates
Elbow Lake (Map 27/G1)
Elbow Lake is a hike-in lake that offers great fishing for stocked rainbow trout up to 1 kg (2 lbs). Check the regulations for special restrictions and retention limits before heading out.
2016 2017-09-07
80 No longer stocked
Grizzly Lake (Map 17/F4)
Grizzly Lake used to offer fishing for large rainbow trout but the quality of fishing has declined over the years since the dam went in (1978). The lake still offers fish up to 45 cm (18 in). The reservoir covers 138 hectares (340 ac) and has two places to launch boats and rustic camping opportunities.
2016 2017-09-07
80 These lakes are stocked
Grizzly Lakes (Map 37/C6)
Grizzly Lakes offer fishing opportunities for rainbow that grow to a healthy 3 kg (6.5 lbs) in size. A good area to focus your fishing efforts is near the inflow or outflow creeks found on the eastern lake. There is a recreation site available with a boat launch on this lake, which is stocked on occasion. Check the regulations for special restrictions.
2016 2017-09-07
80 Rename Grouse Lake
Willowgrouse Lake (Map 33/B4)
Willowgrouse Lake can be reached via portage or by a trail in Emar Lakes Provincial Park. The lake provides good fly-fishing for rainbow trout up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs), especially during spring chironomid hatches.
2016 2017-09-07
80 Typo on name
Hallamore Lake (Map 33/E3)
Hallamore Lake can found off the Dunn Lake Road south of Clearwater. The lake offers fair fishing for rainbow that can reach 1 kg (2 lbs) in size.
2016 2017-09-07
82 No longer stocked
Hudson Bay Lake (Map 16/E3)
Although fishing can be slow, rainbow trout and brook trout up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs) are found in this small 5 hectare (12 ac) lake. The lake is accessed by a two-wheel drive spur road south of Whiteman Creek Forest Service Road and has a retention limit of only two fish.
2016 2017-09-07
82 Updated description
Island Lake (Map 9/B3)
Island Lake offers small rainbow that can be caught fairly regularly throughout the ice-free season. This Island Lake rests in Eneas Lakes Park and is 7.6 hectares (19 ac) in size.
2016 2017-09-07
83 Typo on name
Jameson Lake (Map 2/C2)
Jameson Lake is reached by a short hike off of the often gated Darcy Mine Road. Because of the limited access, the 20 hectare (50 ac) lake has fairly good fishing for small rainbow.
2016 2017-09-07
84 No longer stocked
Knight Lake [Echo Lake] (Map 21/B6)
Knight Lake is a small 6 hectare (15 ac) lake accessed by a short trail leading west from Roscoe Lake. The lake receives little fishing pressure but offers some very good fishing for smaller rainbow if you can get beyond the muddy shoreline and lily pads.
2016 2017-09-07
84 Rename Knouff Lake and updated description
Sullivan Lake (Map 28/F4)
Sullivan Lake is often confused with nearby Knouff Lake to the north as both lakes offer good fishing for rainbow trout throughout the ice-free season by fly-fishing or trolling. There is a recreation site at the north end as well as a resort.
2016 2017-09-07
85 Updated description
Loon Lake (Map 26/D3)
Easily accessed on the Loon Lake Road southeast of Clinton, this 970 hectare (2,395 ac) lake is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 naturally stocked lakes in North America. Although, the rainbow trout here are generally smaller, what they lack in size they make up in quantity and fight as they are acrobatic Kamloops strain of trout. Fishing remains active throughout the season and there are resorts, camping and boat launches available.
2016 2017-09-07
86 Typo on name
McCaffrey Lake (Map 8/A5)
This small lake offers a surprisingly good fishery for small rainbow and given its easy access, it is a good choice for a family outing. The lake also produces well during ice fishing season for the brook trout that inhabit the lake. An undeveloped boat launch and picnic area is available at the lake, which is stocked annually with rainbow.
2016 2017-09-07
90 Typo on name
Proctor Lake (Map 24/E6)
Proctor Lake is found on a four-wheel drive road south of Armstrong and offers decent fishing for rainbow trout that can grow up to 1 kg (2 lbs). Try in the early summer or fall with a fly or small spinner.
2016 2017-09-07
92 Update access
Skmana and Little Skmana Lakes (Map 29/D6)
Recently rehabilitated, these lakes have been restocked with rainbow and are ready for some great angling action. Accessed off the Loakin Bear Creek Road out of Chase, there is a recreation site at the lake, as well as a resort and trails to explore.
2016 2017-09-07
92 Update name and add stocked
Specs Lakes (Map 17/F4)
Located in a mess of great fishing lakes southeast of Vernon, this trio of lakes offers fair fishing for rainbow. Lower Spec or Spec 1 is stocked and remains the most popular fishery for generally smaller fish. The middle Specs Lake is prone to winterkill and offers up the odd bigger fish, while the upper lake is the least fished.
2016 2017-09-07
94 Updated name and description
Twin Lakes [Nipit & Horn Lakes] (Map 3/E2)
Easily accessed off Highway 3A on the Twin Lake Road, this pair of lakes offers a decent fishery for brook trout as well as rainbow, kokanee and even carp. Nipit (Lower Twin) Lake is home to a resort and boat launch and is stocked regularly with brook trout, rainbow trout and kokanee. Upper Twin Lake is also known as Horn Lake and is not stocked. Both lakes are best trolled, but are subject to an electric motor only restriction.
2016 2017-09-07
94 No longer stocked
Victor Lake (Map 31/G4)
Victor Lake is a blip on the Eagle River and holds many of the same species (cutthroat, lake and bull trout, kokanee and whitefish), but the prime reason most come here to fish is for the rainbow. Victor Lake Park offers access to the lake.
2016 2017-09-07
123 Access is via a 4wd road
Bleeker Lake Recreation Site (Map 22/E5)
In the Roche Lake area, off of the Bleeker Lake Forest Service Road, this small site hosts five campsites and a boat launch for good fishing opportunities. Access is limited to four-wheel drive vehicles.
2016 2017-09-07
135 This recreation site no longer exists
Tranquille Meadow Recreation Site (Map 27/F7)
2016 2017-09-07

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