go mobile with avenza maps

Bring Backroad Mapbooks Topographic Maps to Life with Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps is a FREE offline, geospatial PDF Map reader App which brings Backroad Mapbooks’ topographic maps to life on your mobile device, even when you’re out of cell and data range.

    With Avenza Maps you can:

  • Purchase topographic Maps in Backroad Mapbook bundles or individually on the Avenza Store
  • Use the built-in GPS in your device to find yourself on the map, in or out of cell and data range
  • Record & export GPS tracks to see elevation change, distance traveled and total time
  • Drop placemark pins and move them anywhere on the map AND plot geotagged photos
  • Measure Distance & Area, helpful for planning routes in the backcountry
  • Easily search for and find coordinates using Latitude / Longitude, Northing/Easting, Military/United States National Grid
  • Available for iOS, Android & Windows smartphones and tablets