Amanda Lynn is a rugged, tough, outdoorswoman from Northern Ontario. With her energetic personality and passion for the outdoors, Amanda Lynn has led herself to become one of the most popular faces of the outdoors. Amanda Lynn is a sponsor for CFMOTO Windzone and WILD TV, Official Ambassador & Host of the Great Outdoors Stage at the Toronto Sportsman Show, and now, BRMB!

Born in small town Manitouwadge, Amanda Lynn was raised to love the outdoors, and has devoted her life and work to engaging and educating younger generations, and women, about hunting and all things outdoor. Not only is Amanda Lynn a popular face, but this driven woman is also the host of her own TV show, Just Hunt on WILD TV and is recognized as one of the top female hunters in the industry.

As a BRMB Ambassador, you can expect to see Amanda Lynn showing off her BRMB gear at various events and even on her show! We provide her with the maps and information she needs for successful hunting trips in the backcountry, and she brings back amazing photos, write ups and stories about her adventures.

Click here to learn more about Amanda Lynn Mayhew and all that she’s done to preserve the hunting heritage in Canada!









Mark Jinks is a full time freelance photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. He specializes in landscape and nature photography, often using a long exposure technique in his images to create an ethereal art like effect.

Mark can often be found in the Rocky Mountains, looking for new scenes to photograph, and returning to familiar ones in different seasons. He uses Backroad mapbooks to explore not just the rockies, but all over the province of Alberta and beyond, preferring to rely on paper maps, especially in areas where GPS signals are non existent.

Mark's work can be found here:.







Standing in Motion - Stephen Lam


Stephen Lam is an photographer & an outdoor enthusiast. He has spent the last eight years traveling all over the world, while basing himself out of Vancouver, Canada. Over the last four years Stephen has been actively hiking and photographing landscapes to traveling to beautiful cultures throughout the world, including the Moai statues of Easter Island, the metropolitan city life in Asia-Pacific, the remote corners of the Himalaya, the oldest geological table top mountains with the highest waterfall on Earth in South America, the annual red crab migration at Christmas Island, the famous ruins of Peru and Egypt, and chasing bluebird days throughout the incredible Canadian Rockies. Working as a freelance adventure, travel and landscape photographer, Stephen volunteers guiding with local outdoor organizations to organize hikes and recreational outings in British Columbia, meeting new friends, and creating lasting memories.

Stephen considers himself to be a purist; his approach is to capture untouched natural beauty with his camera. He does not believe in any manipulation of his images. To capture the images, Stephen travels to remote locations around the world and sometimes visits locations year after year to capture just the right light, often waiting long periods for the rain to stop, the wind to still, the fog to lift.

Stephen’s imagery transports the viewer behind his lens of his camera to explore remote and inaccessible regions through his eyes, awakening a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.









Shayd is a freelance photographer specializing in editorial, lifestyle and travel work. He has been featured in the New York Times for photographing a hockey game at 6000 feet in the mountains by helicopter with NHL players, has shot portraits of celebrities such as Nick Offerman, Cheech & Chong and Diplo to name a few and has done many assignments for Destination British Columbia.

When he is not on assignment, he spends time exploring in his 1985 Toyota Landcruiser BJ60 named "Charlie" which has taken him through the western United States, The Rockies and many trips back and forth to the west coast of Vancouver Island. His most notable event was a few years ago when him and his 3 friends had a close encounter with a Sasquatch in the Garibaldi Wilderness area.... True story.







Here at Backroad Mapbooks, we are always looking for people who love to share and be a part of the #brmblife. That’s why we recently introduced the BRMB Ambassador Program. A BRMB Ambassador is someone who proudly represents the Backroad Mapbooks brand, wherever their adventures may take them. They spread the love of BRMB through their websites, social media profiles, videos, on their cars, on their clothes and by word of mouth. Wherever they go, BRMB goes with them! Would you like to be part of the team? Apply as BRMB Ambassador!