BRMBMaps: Adding Photos and Reviews

As you plan an adventure, it’s always great if you can view photos of the actual location and read any reviews, positive or negative, as an aid in helping you make the most of your trip.

Because Canada is so large and there are so many possible outdoor activities, BRMBMaps has an option for users to not only upload photos of the location but add a review as well. Reviews with tips are even more helpful, making sure you don’t miss out on anything, especially if they are travelling and may only make it to a particular region once in their life.

Adding Photos to BRMBMaps

For this example, I’m going to use the Two Rivers Trail in Algonquin Park, a route I hiked recently.

We begin by clicking on the Multi-Use Trail icon from the Web Map, bringing up the trail details on the left of the screen.

Clicking “Photos” brings us full-screen details and under photos, we can see none have been added to this adventure yet. Clicking on “Add Photos” takes you to a search box and you can navigate on your computer to the folder and file.

Double click the photo and it will appear in BRMBMaps, click upload and the photo with be uploaded to Backroad Mapbooks.

An Administrative Approval pop-up will appear when complete. Do this as many times as you like, once for each image.

Adding a Review to BRMBMaps

Next, I’ll add a review of the trail for others planning the same hike.

Clicking on the “Add review” button, opens a pop-up where you can write a review and click the appropriate buttons to provide more details. Once done, click “Publish Review” and once again, an Administrative Approval pop-up will appear.

That’s it. Give Backroad Mapbooks a few days to approve your photos and review then log back in and check it out.

What do your photos and reviews look like once published?

Have a look at the Whiskey Rapids Trail, just down Highway 60 to the west. Clicking “See more” will bring up the trail details and you can see both the photos and review I added for this adventure.

Go ahead, add your photos and reviews. That way, we all can get the most out of our adventures and BRMBMaps!