Awesome ATV Trails Across Ontario

The province of Ontario offers ATVers every type of adventure, from adrenaline-pumping backcountry rides over rugged, challenging terrain to leisurely sightseeing tours perfect for beginner riders. Many trails follow old logging roads and railroad beds, and some of the best riding areas often contain fishing and camping opportunities as well. To give you an overview of the province’s amazing ATVing opportunities, here is our list of some of Ontario’s best ATV trails.  

Atikokan Area

There are old logging roads stretching in every direction from Atikokan. Most of these have rarely been used since the cutting operations ceased, creating a virtually endless network of trails to explore by ATV. The trails are remote, but there is enough terrain here to keep you busy for as long as you like. Bring along a fishing rod and stop at one of the many small lakes the trails pass by, and keep an eye out for moose, red foxes, bears and other animals as you explore one of Northwestern Ontario‘s best ATVing areas.

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Bruce Peninsula/Georgian Bay

Arguably the best network of trails in Southern Ontario, there is plenty of exciting riding to be had here with terrain ranging from rolling farmland to jagged, rocky surfaces that will challenge even the most experienced ATVers. Numerous dirt roads and secondary pathways criss-cross the region, giving you access to a variety of scenic trails.

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Cochrane Area

With a well-earned reputation as an ATV riding paradise, the Cochrane area is full of remote and rarely used roads that stretch in all direction, giving you access into the deep wilderness of Northeastern Ontario. ATVing is permitted on the streets of Cochrane, and as you make your way out of town you will enter some spectacular wildlife viewing territory, including for bear and moose. For adventurous riders, this is one of the finest ATV areas you can find in the entire province.

Cochrane, Ontario

Elliot Lake ATV Trails

The roughly 300 km (185 mi) of trails found around Elliot Lake are not just considered to be some of Ontario’s best ATV trails, but the entire country’s. There is the perfect trail for everyone, from first-time riders to expert ATVers, with incredibly scenic rides that take you through the majestic Northeastern Ontario forest, past ancient rock escarpments and along crystal-clear rivers. And even though you will feel like you are deep in the wilderness, you are never more than 30 km (19 mi) from town.

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Five Points Trail System

Linking the Haliburton and Kawartha districts, this Crown land trail system is renowned for having some of Ontario’s best ATV trails. There are hundreds of kilometers of trails to explore, ranging from moderate to difficult, including the Bass Lake Trail, Concession Lake Trail, Pencil Lake Trail and Picard Lake Trail. This is a large and wild area, so be sure to bring extra gas, your GPS and a sense of adventure.

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Ganaraska Forest

Located just an hour’s drive from Toronto, there are around 300 km (185 mi) of motorized trails to explore in Southern Ontario‘s largest forest. Covering a lot of rolling, sandy terrain, these trails are perfect for beginner riders or anyone wanting to soak in the majestic woodland scenery. As your ride, you will find numerous scenic lookouts, picnic sites and camping areas amid this 4,000 hectare (9,800 ac) outdoor playground.

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Haliburton Area Trails

Boasting the largest mapped, signed and insured trail system in Ontario, there are over 500 km (310 mi) of trails to explore around Haliburton, with connections to other trail systems adding up to over 3,000 km (1,860 ft) of rideable terrain. ATVers can ride along old roads, rails-to-trails and more remote routes that take you deep into the wilderness of the beautiful Haliburton Highlands. ATVers can also travel along the shoulder of most roads in the area, so you can get to and from some of Ontario’s best ATV trails with ease.

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Rugby Lake

If you are looking for some rugged riding away from the crowds, then Rugby Lake is for you. There are hundreds of kilometers of abandoned logging roads and unmaintained trails to explore here, leading you across streams and swamps, among glacial rubble and Canadian Shield rock-scape, past numerous small lakes and into some pristine forests. You can ride for weeks here and never hit the same trail twice. Just be sure to bring a GPS as most routes are unmarked. Take your time and enjoy some of Ontario’s best ATV trails in the Rugby Lake area.

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Seguin Recreational Trail

Part of the Park-to-Park trail system, this 80 km (50 mi) trail stretches all the way from Highway 400 near Parry Sound to Elmsdale. The trail takes you through forest, past lakes and wetlands, over some rocky sections and even through a tunnel, offering plenty of thrills for adventure-seeking ATVers exploring Ontario’s trails.

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Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

Tucked in between the Algonquin Highlands and the Laurentian Mountains, this system has over 200 km (125 mi) of scenic trails to explore, from leisurely backcountry rides to aggressive mud runs. Ride through the forest, take on some challenging climbs, cross bridges and explore abandoned mine sites – the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System has it all. The trails are located conveniently close to the ATV-friendly community of Mattawa, where ATVs are permitted on local roadways, allowing easy access to some of Ontario’s best ATV trails.

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You can find your way around Ontario’s many ATV trails with the help of our Ontario Backroad Mapbooks and Ontario GPS Maps. We also provide you with detailed Adventure write-ups for each ATV area, complete with access, difficulty, highlights and more.


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