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Canada's industry-leading Southwestern Quebec backcountry maps

The southwestern corner of Quebec thrives with cultural and natural attractions. Hosting the French-speaking side of Canada’s capital region, north of the Ottawa River, the area known as Outaouais ripples with diversity. Our southwestern Quebec backcountry map book guides you through a land of colourful mountains, rolling hills, deep forests, and winding rivers both wild and tame. Here you can tour the heritage sites of Gatineau, bike ride through quaint Quebec towns, cast a line in one of over 20,000 lakes, and hike or ski the scenic trails of the renowned Gatineau Park.

The southwestern Quebec backcountry map book is designed to get the Quebec adventurer outside to play. An outdoor recreation reference section breaks down freshwater fishing spots, paddling routes, parks, multi-use trails and winter recreation sites, while our maps provide detailed and accurate coverage of southwestern Quebec. Gatineau sits in the southeast of the region, while the remaining smaller towns and backcountry sprawl along the Ottawa River all the way to Temiscaming. Our maps show you the intricate network of logging and bush roads, plus trail systems and outdoor recreation opportunities across southwestern Quebec. When it comes to relishing la belle province, let your southwestern Quebec Backroad Mapbook chart the course.


  • Outdoor Recreation Reference Section
  • Freshwater Fishing
  • Paddling Routes
  • Parks, Conservation Areas & ZECs
  • Multi-Use Trails
  • Winter Recreation

Topographic Maps

In your 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") southwestern Quebec map book you will find 41 detailed topographic maps spanning the region, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, trails and other points-of-interest. Not only are these Quebec maps user-friendly, but they boast a level of cartographic sophistication unparalleled even by government resources – making them the maps of choice for search-and-rescue.


Outdoor Recreation Reference Section

Freshwater Fishing

With over 20,000 fishing lakes in this area of Quebec alone, our southwestern Quebec backcountry map book gives you a lifetime of fishing to explore in the backcountry around Gatineau and beyond. Our map listings tell you where to find pike, walleye, bass, trout, splake, yellow perch, and other sportfish from the Outaouais Hills, Gatineau Valley, and Pontiac Region, to ZEC Dumoine in Temiscaming and ZEC Rapides-des-Joachims, plus tips on how to catch those fish!

Paddling Routes

Southwestern Quebec is a paddler’s paradise thanks to the thousands of lakes and rivers shaped by the ancient glaciers of the Canadian Shield. Our backcountry map book charts the best of Quebec’s waterways for canoe, kayak and raft trips, charting the lakes and rivers of Outaouais; some of Quebec’s best canoe-camping trips found in La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve; the whitewater paddling routes of the historical Ottawa River; and more!

Parks, Conservation Areas & ZECs

Your Quebec backcountry map book details the many ZECs (Zone d’Exploitation Controlée), wildlife reserves, parks, conservation areas and outdoor base camps found in the rich landscapes of southwestern Quebec. From the beautiful and historic Gatineau Park, to the numerous fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing and camping spots throughout the backcountry, our southwestern Quebec listings put it all on the map!

Multi-Use Trails

The outdoor recreation paradise that surrounds the Gatineau region of Quebec contains dozens of trail networks prime for hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling and ATV riding. Our backcountry map listings rate these trails for you by difficulty, showing you where to find trails through Gatineau Park (boasting lookout points to Ottawa), along the Trans Canada Trail, and throughout the vast forested area of the Outaouais region.

Winter Recreation

Quebec is known as a winter recreation paradise, and our southwestern Quebec backcountry map book lists the best of it. With the region’s highlights for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, our map listings show you how to get the most out of those beautiful snowy months in Outaouais, from the Outaouais Hills to Gatineau Valley, the Pontiac Region, and the ski trails of Gatineau Park.

Digital Editions

Your trusty Backroad Mapbook is also available in digital formats!


Choose the DVD option and get the full map book – including all maps and recreation information – on DVD. Bring your map book to life in the form of individual, georeferenced files (.map, .jpr and kmz)!

The PDF option gives you a downloadable version of the map book (approximately 300 MB) for quick and easy access to all the maps and information you will find in your Backroad Mapbook, right on your computer.  

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