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Snowmobiling is a very popular activity with Canadians. In fact, as you work your way east across our great country the number of established trail systems seems to grow astronomically. Of all the provinces, Ontario has perhaps the most developed snowmobile trail system. But don't rule out the great variety found in Alberta or the amazing mountainous terrain that makes BC a world class snowmobile destination.

So what do the Backroad Maps offer snowmobilers that other maps can't? Details! Rather than looking at a general overview of the area with a few insets, we have a consistent scale of map that let's you see access points, area highlights and even side trails few other maps show. By offering a unique line classification, it is easy to follow the main routes for hours, days or even weeks. We also describe many of the popular snowmobile trail systems and a few seldom heard of riding areas in the Winter Recreation section. The next time you are searching for a new place to ride, look for your Backroad Mapbook.

What to look for

Line Style/Symbol on the maps

Look for this symbol and line style on our maps to find snowmobile routes.

Symbol in the writing

Look for this symbol in our write-ups to find more snowmobile routes.

Write-up in Reference

Look for the Snowmobiling section in our books.

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Thompson Okanagan BC: Frisby Ridge Snowmobile Area (Map 32/F3-38/F6)
From the parking near the Revelstoke Dam, you can access over 144 sq km (87.8 sq miles) of spectacular alpine via a 25 km (21.3 miles) one-way main trail. The snowmobile club grooms the main trails while the alpine is untracked. The chalet is shared with cross-country skiers and maintained by the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club. Snowmobilers should stay clear of the areas that have been closed for wintering caribou (between Dec 15 and April 15) and should respect cross-country skiers. If caribou are spotted anywhere snowmobile activity takes place, shut your snowmobile off and let the animals leave the area.

Central Alberta: Golden Triangle Snowmobile Trail (Map 44/E1–46/B1)
It will most likely take most riders two or three days to do the full triangle, which forms a 350 km (224 mile) loop between Fox Creek's Iosegun Lake, Swan Hills' Krause Lake and Whitecourt's Eagle River snowmobiling areas. Of the three, only the Eagle River Staging Area is on our maps (the rest are shown in the Northern Alberta Backroad Mapbook). This is a very popular route with trail riders and it forms part of the Trans-Canada Snowmobile Trail.

Cottage Country Ontario: Round Algonquin Park (RAP) Route (Map 34–36, 42, 43, 45–47, 52, 53, 57, 62–67)
This 965 km (600 mi) tour around the perimeter of Algonquin Provincial Park is a fantastic winter trip for those looking to make an extended snowmobile vacation without travelling to the more remote sections of northeastern Ontario. Part of the North Bay/Mattawa Trails, this self-guided route utilizes many trunk trail networks (Trunk Trails A, B, C and D) that encompass the park. As mentioned, the route never strays too far from civilization, although it does offer a rustic feel with many isolated pockets. For more info, call 1-800-461-7677.

Nova Scotia: Cape Clear (Map 42, 43, 46, 47)
The Cape Clear Clubhouse is located 3.2 km (2 miles) from the Trans-Canada Highway on River Denys Mountain (Map 42/F4). They maintain 320 km (198.4 miles) of groomed trails leading to Ports Hastings, Inverness and Whycocomagh and into the Cape Breton Highlands. The higher elevations of Cape Breton receive some of the biggest dumps of snow in the province, and are a favourite destination of area riders. The fire tower atop River Denys Mountain is fairly easy to access, and offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including Bras d'Or Lake and over onto the Nova Scotia mainland. In addition to the groomed trails, it is possible to connect to most of the communities in the area via ungroomed roads and old railbeds.

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