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Backroad Mapbook

Backroad Mapbooks

The Backroad Mapbooks are Canada’s bestselling outdoor recreation guidebooks for good reason. Our maps feature up to date logging road and industrial roads, trail systems and a wide range of recreational features that are not found on other maps. Add in the listings of everything from fishing lakes to Canadian paddling routes, from wilderness campsites to road side parks, from countless trails to wildlife viewing, and you will see the opportunities are endless. Available in print and the convenient and easier to read PDF book or e-book format, let Backroad Mapbooks be your guide to the Canadian outdoors.

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Fishing Mapbook

Fishing Mapbooks

Looking to fish BC or fish Ontario with the help of a guidebook? Our fishing mapbooks have been created to help you take the guesswork out of fishing Canada. The lake depth charts and river maps will help you read a lake to spend less time travelling on the water and more time fishing the hot spots. Add in the helpful fishing tips, access details and the information on facilities and you have all the details you need to fish the lake or stream with confidence. Available in print and the convenient and easier to read PDF book or e-book format, let the best Canadian Fishing mapbooks available help you land that fish of a lifetime.

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Recreation Map

Recreation Maps

The Backroad Recreation Maps are the ideal topographic maps of Canada. Highlighting popular recreational areas on large format, tear resistant and waterproof paper, these topographical maps are built to withstand all Mother Nature can throw at you. Easier to read than a traditional mapbook, we also added fish species and local service providers. Other notable features include hunting management units, logging roads or bush road systems, trails, parks and boat launches as well as ATV and snowmobile routes.

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Digital Edition

Backroad GPS Maps

The Backroad GPS Map series is designed to take you beyond the city and into the outdoors. With countless logging and industrial roads, an elaborate trail system and thousands of recreational points of interest, no other Garmin topographic GPS map source provides as much detail for Canada’s vast wilderness areas. We even provide the recreation descriptions so you can cross reference what fish are in the lakes or how long that trail is. As an added bonus, you also get city details like roads and parks to allow you to navigate with confidence from your home into the backcountry and back again.

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Digital Edition

Digital Maps

Get our detailed, up-to-date Backroad maps in digital format. Now you can play with the maps on your computer, load them onto an iPhone or iPad or transfer tracks and waypoints to and from a GPS. We provide the geo-referenced maps in several different file formats so you can use them with an iPhone/iPad, OziExplorer, Fugawi, Memory Map and MacGPS Pro. We also provide them in a Google Earth friendly format to allow you to literally bring the world to your hands. Now the only limitation with our maps is your imagination.

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Now iPhone compatible, our Backroad TOPO maps are available in print or digitally. Printed they come on 24” x 36” water resistant paper, scales start at 1:60,000. Digitally the maps work in Google Earth, iPhone or iPad, OziExplorer, Memory Map and more. No matter your choice, you can be confident that our maps are the most up to date road and recreation topographic maps available in Canada. We show more recreational symbols, roads, trails and points of interest than any other map source.

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Fishing Map

Fishing Maps (Bathymetric Charts)

Our BC and Ontario Fishing Maps have been created to help you take the guesswork out of fishing. The lake depth charts and river maps will help you read the water to spend less time travelling and more time fishing the hot spots. You can now purchase the maps individually in three sizes. The letter size format includes the text and is laminated. The larger sizes enlarge the map only to provide greater detail. Digital files are available by calling or e-mailing requests.

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Fishing Map

BRMB Geocoins

These specially designed geocoins in the shape of a map pin are a tribute to Backroad Mapbooks creating outdoor adventures for 20 years. This is truly a milestone for us and we wanted to celebrate it. The series includes one 20th anniversay coin with "extablished 1993" engraved on it. There are also a series of six geocoins as a tribute to the beautiful outdoor regions of British Columbia. On the front, an animal to represent the region along with native artwork equivalent, surrounded by the region name and Recreation Site & Trails BC Logo.  The reverse is a map pin with Backroad Mapbook Logo representing hundreds of thousands of outdoor points of interest mapped over the companies 20 year history.

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