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Backroad Mapbooks are Canada's choice for fishing. From easy to access pike and walleye rivers in Alberta and Ontario to those remote brook trout or rainbow trout lakes in BC, you will not find a source out there that offers more variety. Not only do we list all of the fish bearing lakes and streams in each given area, we also show you how to get there with detailed maps.

Yes, Canadians are blessed with some amazing fishing opportunities. Salmon, steelhead, brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, northern pike, walleye or pickerel, just to name a few, can all be found in our waters. But finding these waters was always a challenge until the Backroad Mapbook series came along.

Anglers may also want to check out our Fishing Mapbook series. These guides feature lake depth charts or river hot spot maps and even more details on all your favourite lakes and streams.

What to look for

Line Style/Symbol on the maps

Look for the lake on our maps to find your perfect fishing spot.

Symbol in the writing

Look for this symbol in our refernece to see where you can fish.

Write-up in Reference

Look for the Fishing section in our books to find the most popular fishing spots.

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Northern BC: Atlin Lake (Map 85/E3)
Atlin Lake is British Columbia's largest lake, and offers fine fishing for some fairly large fish. True, the average lake trout caught here is somewhere in the 2–3 kg (4–6 lb) range, but they can get up to 18 kg (40 lbs). You can also find whitefish and arctic grayling here

Manitoba: Nueltin Lake (Map 83/E1)
Nueltin Lake is one of those lakes that shouldn't exist anymore. Fishing shouldn't be this good. The lake has produced Master Angler sized fish in a variety of species. Not just Master Angler sized, but the lake has produced top 25 record holder sized Arctic grayling, lake trout and northern pike, often multiple fish in each category. Adding to this impressive list is the largest ever lake trout caught in Manitoba at 137.2 cm (54 inches), which was caught in 2001. Indeed, this is a phenomenal fishing lake. It is also a big lake, at 1851 sq km (715 sq miles), and is found along the boundary with Nunavut. True, the lake is mostly in Nunavut, but with such great fishing, Manitoba will lay whatever claim it can to the lake. The lake was the first lake in Canada to institute catch-and-release fishery, the first to enforce barbless hooks and the first lake to go to single barbless hooks. The lake is found 300 km (200 miles) from the nearest road and the only access (other than as part of a month-long paddle) is by air.

Cottage Country Ontario: Big Sound (Map 31/F1-40/F7)
Big Sound is known for its large northern pike, which can be found in the 12 kg (26 lb) range. The best time to find big pike feeding in shallow bays and inlets is springtime. Though less common, some huge muskie can also be found in the sound. Fishing for lake trout can be good during ice fishing season and by trolling during open water season. Big smallmouth and largemouth bass are prevalent in most areas of the sound and fishing is good for bass to 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). Walleye receive a lot of attention throughout the year and fishing is generally good for walleye that can reach 3.5 kg (8 lbs) in size.  

Nova Scotia: Bras d'Or Lake (Maps 43, 44, 47, 48)
Bras d'Or Lake is one of Canada's largest inland seas, dominating the middle of Cape Breton Island. There are three outlets to the ocean: Great Bras d'Or Channel, Little Bras d'Or Channel, and the St. Peters Canal. Baddeck is the recreational boating centre with several marinas, a yacht club, and various services for cruisers. The Barra Strait Marina at Grand Narrows is a sponsored Barrier Free fishing area. Bras d'Or is the top Nova Scotia destination for rainbow trout, along with more than 20 other species of marine fish including cod, herring, and lobster. Cod school near the shores and allow anglers a chance to pull them without needing a commercial fisher or charter boat to go further out to sea. Some of the best chances are around the Dundee area to Whycocomagh and Iona. Mackerel are also a good catch here at the appropriate time of year, while ice fishing for rainbow trout is possible.

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