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  • Backroad Recreation Maps

    Large format, easy to read recreation maps! Water-proof, tear-resistance, made for the outdoor enthusiast... Find Out More!

  • Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario

    Includes Algonquin Provincial Park, Achray, Brent, Highway 60 Corridor, Kiosk, Lake Traverse, Whiteney and more! Get yours today!

  • Bancroft District Crown Land Ontario

    Featuring Crown Land Data and fish species, there are more roads, trails and recreation points of interest than any other Ontario map source! Get yours today!

  • West Kootenay BC

    More roads, trails and recreation points of interest than any other map for West Kootneay! Get yours Today

  • Introducing the Backroad Recreation Map Series

  • Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario

  • Bancroft District Crown Land Ontario

  • West Kootenay BC

Recreation Maps

The Backroad Recreation Maps are the ideal explorer maps of BC and Ontario. Highlighting popular recreational areas on large format, tear resistant and waterproof paper, these topographical maps are built to withstand all Mother Nature can throw at you. Easier to read than a traditional mapbook, we also added fish species and local service providers. Other notable features include hunting management units, logging roads or bush road systems, trails, parks and boat launches as well as ATV and snowmobile routes.

Listed below are some of the things that make our recreation maps unique and ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.

Recreation Map Highlights:

  • Printed on tear resistant and waterproof large format (70 cm x 100 cm/28" x 40") paper
  • Larger scale maps allowing for easier readability of text
  • The most up-to-date topographic maps available in Canada
  • Fish species for lakes and rivers
  • Local retailers and service providers
  • Color road classifications distinguishing paved roads from logging roads
  • Labeled roads, trails and recreational features
  • Trail systems, including defined ATV, snowmobile & multi-use trail systems
  • Park and backcountry campsites
  • Paddling routes including access points and portages
  • Wildlife management boundaries for anglers and hunters
  • Wildlife viewing sites
  • Elevation relief shading with labeled contours to highlight mountains and river valleys
  • UTM Grids along with latitude and longitude bearings
  • Ontario Crown and Private/Restricted Land identified
  • And much, much more

Sample Backroad Mapbook Map

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Sample Backroad Mapbook Reference

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Sample Backroad Mapbook Legend

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BC recreation maps cover areas similar to the former BC Forest Service Maps. However, the Backroad Outdoor Recreation Map series includes a lot more detail including more forest service roads, more trails, up to date recreation sites, fish species, paddling routes, wildlife viewing areas and a whole lot more.

Areas we cover with these waterproof topographic maps are: Bulkley Nechako links Smithers to Vanderhoof and covers the heart of the Nadina and Vanderhoof Forest Districts; Cariboo Region around 100 Mile House, Williams Lake and Quesnel; Chilliwack Merritt covers the heart of the Chilliwack and Cascades Forest Districts; Haida Gwaii or the former Queen Charlotte Islands; Kamloops Interlakes including the famed Fishing Highway; Okanagan Valley stretching from Osoyoos past Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon; Prince George Mackenzie, which covers parts of the Prince George, Mackenzie and Fort St James Forest Districts; West Kootenay and the area north from Castlegar and Nelson past Nakusp to Revelstoke.

Ontario recreation maps are available for Algonquin Park and the Bancroft District. The Algonquin Park Outdoor Recreation Map offers a lot more detail and durability than the other Algonquin Park maps. In addition to being on waterproof, tear resistant paper we include fish species, topographic features including relief elevation and contours, canoe routes with portages and access points, trails, campsites and a whole lot more. No other park map covers the whole park with as much easy to read recreational detail as the Backroad Algonquin Park Map.

The Bancroft District Crown Land Map is a joint effort with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Although it is still a topographic map, the notable difference with this map is we highlight the Crown land areas and concession numbers as well as list the fish species in the lakes and rivers. Of course we also include the popular Outdoor Recreation features of the Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario Backroad Mapbooks like forest roads, trails, campsites, paddling routes, wildlife management units, and a whole lot more.


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