Music for Mental Health
Langley BC

June 3, 2017
Featuring the internationally acclaimed Tina Turner tribute artist, Luisa Marshall, as well as a huge line-up of other entertainers from around the Lower Mainland, the Music for Mental Health raises money for the Canadian Mental Health Association and 100% of proceeds go directly to the CMHA. You can contribute by attending this fun event, or donating directly to the CMHA.





Manitoba Family Fishing Weekend
Province wide

June 10 - June 11, 2017
This is the perfect weekend to head out for some family fun on the lake! All parks across Manitoba (except federal parks) will be allowing people wishing to fish without a licence. All other rules and regulations do apply and conservation limits apply to those angling without a licence who normally would require one.



Robinson's Outdoor Store 88th Anniversary
Victoria BC

June 24, 2017
Robinson’s Outdoor Store is celebrating its 88th anniversary in a HUGE way! Not only are there tons of great blowout deals, but there are also a number of huge prize packages (including 5 from BRMB) and the first 88 people in line that day receive a special prize as well! Don’t miss out on the fun celebrating a milestone of a day.



150 for 150
Canoe Lake, Ontario

June 25, 2017
With a mixture of bloggers and social media personalities, all passionate about Canada and the canoe, the 150 for 150 event brings 150 canoes to Canoe Lake for a day of fun on the lake. With canoe races and events, participants can have a chance to win great prizes (including some from BRMB). All proceeds go towards Project Canoe, which is an organization that helps youth learn how to canoe, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the sport.



Yukon Family Fishing Weekend
Province wide

July 1 - July 4, 2017
During the annual Family Fishing Weekend, Yukon residents may fish without an angling licence. Anglers still must comply to all fishing regulations, including daily limits and possession, and all participants should be able to produce proof of residency if asked by a Conservation or Fishery Officer.


NB Expedition Challenge
New Brunswick

August 19 - August 23, 2017
The 4 Day NB Expedition Challenge is the first official overland challenge held in New Brunswick. Teams, consisting of 3 vehicles, will take off on a mission from the South to North along the eastern coast, and must find a route to a common, predetermined campsite each night. The aim is to be able to navigate through New Brunswick’s trails and logging routes, while also completing challenges along the way. Check out their event’s page for more details and how you can participate or be part of the challenge!