Here at Backroad Mapbooks, we are always looking for people who love to share and be a part of the #brmblife. That’s why, we recently introduced the BRMB Ambassador Program. A BRMB Ambassador is someone who proudly represents the Backroad Mapbooks brand, wherever their adventures may take them. They spread the love of BRMB through their websites, social media profiles, videos, on their cars, on their clothes and by word of mouth. Wherever they go, BRMB goes with them!


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Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Amanda is a rugged, tough, outdoorswoman from Northern Ontario. With her energetic personality and passion for the outdoors, Amanda has led herself to become one of the most popular faces of the outdoors!

Colin Hughes


Colin has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life, a writer for Backroad Mapbooks for a few and has just recently come on board to the BRMB Ambassador team. In his formative years, Colin and his family spent countless summers camping and traveling across Canada.

Overland Outfitters

Overland Outfitters

Located in British Columbia, young married couple Braeden and Jenna decided to share their love for the outdoors, and even their equipment, with everyone. With their desire to get more people outside exploring the beautiful backcountry many of us get to call home!

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TOPO Films

Based out of Squamish, BC, the team at TOPO Films bring a collective 30 years of experience to the business of visual storytelling. With their unique angles and intricate production process, every project that comes from them is started, produced and finished with passion.

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