Why Update?

Updating your maps will not only ensure that you have access to the latest and greatest maps and information, but you also gain access to a world of benefits!


You Never Pay Full Retail Price For an Update

With the New Updates Map program, users only have to pay 50% to 70% off the cost of regular priced GPS maps. So, you pay the full price to buy them once, and to update you never pay full price again!


You Get to Keep Your Old SD Card

With our new updating system, users get to keep their old SD card and we send them a copy of the brand-new ones! Though the maps on the old card will never change, it’s still handy to keep if you have multiple GPS devices or you can have it as a backup!


You Get Access to Thousands of New Features

Each time we update our Backroad GPS Maps, we not only improve our software and usability, but we add thousands of new trails, points of interest, and features to help you hunt, fish, ATV, hike, snowmobile, camp and adventure better!


New Features of V7

  • Thousands of NEW multi-use and motorized trail systems (ATV, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile and more)
  • Thousands of NEW searchable points-of-interest with descriptions (campsites, recreation sites, boat launches, canoe access, fish species, trailheads, scenic viewpoints and more)
  • Improved township & range sections – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • Improved smart background and searchable Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) or Zones for anglers and hunts
  • Updated Oil & Gas facility points, LSD Grids, Townships, cutlines, pipelines and more from BC to Manitoba
  • Added LAKE BATHYMETRY for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario
  • Added NEW Cross-Country Ski and/or Mountain Bike Trail networks in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
  • Added thousands of NEW kilometres of ATV and snowmobile trails, including trailheads, length difficulty and more
  • Crown and Private / Restricted Land NOW identified in BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
  • Hundreds of NEW paddling routes and fishing hot spots
  • A lifetime of Adventures and places to explore!

*See a full list of specific province by province updates here.



How to Update Your Backroad GPS Video Tutorial




How to Update to Version 7

Updating your Backroad GPS Maps to Version 7 is easy and you can be on your way to new adventures in 5 simple steps!




Click here to login to your BRMB GPS ACCOUNT.


Scroll to the product you want to update and click on the orange button that says “updates available”


Click the “new SD product” button to purchase a new SD card


Select your media type (the size of SD card)

*GPS Maps can be purchased in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB size cards. As the BRMB maps typically take up about 2GB of space, purchasing an SD card with a larger amount of space will allow you to have room to save tracks, waypoints and photos.


Click “add to cart” and Enter your payment information/shipping information


Still have Questions?

If you’re still curious about how you update and why you should do it, feel free to send an email to gps@backroadmapbooks.com or give us a call at 877-520-5670 ext 207 and our tech team will be happy to help!