Since its humble beginnings in the early 1990s as a single Mapbook for Southwestern BC, the Backroad Mapbooks series has continuously expanded and evolved to chart new territory and expand our line of products. We now cover all of Canada from coast to coast, offering everything from large-scale Topo Maps to our BRMB Navigator smartphone app.


For serious backcountry explorers, the product of choice is most often our GPS Maps series with titles including:
British Columbia, Vancouver Island, The Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador


For the long distance explorers or folks working in the backcountry, we offer our combo Backroad GPS Maps including Western Canada, British Columbia & Alberta, our newest GPS map title release of Eastern Canada and Atlantic Canada which offers Prince Edward Island as well.


With our GPS Maps, you can fit all of the information from several of our Backroad Mapbooks right in the palm of your hand. These Garmin-licensed maps are easily installed in your Garmin GPS unit and offer handy features you will not find in our classic Mapbooks, such as routable roads and an advanced search function, as well as all the standard Garmin features such as the Find tool, city navigation and more.


Not only do our GPS Maps lead the industry in topographic detail, with 3D views and easy-to-read contour relief and shading, but they are updated annually, giving you the most current information available anywhere on the market. Our latest Version 7 Maps are currently available for every province in Canada (except Quebec), as well as the Yukon Territory. Additionally, we offer special combo Maps for BC & Alberta, Western Canada, Atlantic Canada and, our latest release, Eastern Canada.


To give you a better idea of what our Version 7 GPS Maps offer, here are some of the updates from our previous version:


Lake Bathymetry

Brand new to many of our V7 GPS Maps are our detailed bathymetric depth contours. This includes over 1,800 lakes, rivers and streams in British Columbiaover 1,500 in Ontario and almost 500 in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since fish like to hang out at different depths at different times of the year, this information will greatly increase your chances of success while out for a day of angling. Whether you are looking for the famous Gerrard rainbow trout in the Kootenay region of BC, trying your luck for a trophy muskellunge in Ontario’s Cottage Country or targeting walleye in Saskatchewan, our V7 GPS Maps give you the expert’s advantage.


Crown and Private Lands

New to V7, we now show Crown land for Nova Scotia, as well as private leased lands in British Columbia. This compliments the Crown land areas shown in Ontario and New Brunswick. So whether you are tracking a buck through the forests of BC or dropping a line for brown trout in a Nova Scotia lake, you know exactly which regulations apply. This is also a handy feature for camping trips, as Crown land offers unique opportunities for staying a night or several in the backcountry.


Searchable Sections

Piece by piece, the land in the prairie provinces is neatly divided into a grid system. Our V7 Maps offer over 5,000,000 searchable Alberta Legal Subdivision Sections and Quarter Sections, over 1,000,000 searchable Saskatchewan Township Range Sections and Quarter Section grid locations and over 1,000,000 searchable Manitoba Dominion Land Survey Sections and Quarter Sections grid locations. You won’t find an easier way to navigate this grid system in any other GPS product. Further east, we have also added new county boundaries for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Expanded Road Network

Our V7 GPS Maps feature tens of thousands of kilometers of improvements to our sprawling backroads network, including 60,000 km of improvements for Alberta alone. We've added close to 100,000 km of routable and non-routable city, rural logging, old logging and unclassified roads and more to our Vancouver Island Backroad GPS Maps as well as Industry and Resource Roads including winter access roads to V7 Ontario Backroad GPS Maps. No other GPS Map gives you this level of coverage, whether you are sticking to the highways or are travelling deep in the bush on seldom-used logging roads. Our unique road classifications help you easily distinguish between types of roads, so you can tell which roads are suitable for your vehicle. This way you can leave the rough stuff to the four-wheel drives and ATVs.


Endless Trails

From mountain biking to hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, our latest GPS Maps feature tens of thousands kilometres of new trails to help you explore the best of the Canadian backcountry. Unique to version 7, we have added cross-country ski and mountain bike networks and cartographically identified these networks so they stand out from the thousands of other trail systems in each province. Trails are supplemented with our meticulously researched Adventure listings which fill you in on access, elevation, highlights, restrictions and more. The V7 GPS Maps also offer equally extensive updates for motorized trails, including hundreds of new trailheads and staging areas for ATVers and Snowmobilers. Likewise, canoers and kayakers can enjoy thousands of kilometers of new routes, complete with access points, portages and more.


Thousands of Points of Interest

The Backroad Mapbooks team has worked tirelessly to catalogue thousands of additional Points of Interest, from waterfalls in New Brunswick to urban parks in Ontario. Our V7 GPS Maps are jam packed with recreation sites, boat launches, scenic viewpoints and more, and most are supplemented with detailed descriptions created by our team of writers and researchers. With so many options, your biggest challenge will be deciding where to visit first.


Of course, with 14 GPS products covering nearly the entire country, it would be impossible to list all of the updates in a single blog post. Suffice it to say that these maps contain a LOT of info and features. To get a handle on the full scope of the product, you may just have to try one out yourself.


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