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Tag: Fishing

Fishing Canada: 10 Popular Species

Recreational fishing is well underway across Canada.  Whether you are looking for a weekend adventure or hitting your local hot spot after work, there’s something for everyone.  The popular 10 species across Canada leaves room for challenge and travel if you plan to one day catch them all.  But before you get out this spring/summer season take a quick moment to reflect on what species you’ve actually caught.  You might be pleasantly… Read the rest

How to Protect Yourself from Tick’s this Spring and Summer Season

About the Tick

All across Canada ticks of different shapes, sizes and varieties can be found. There are over 20 species but  only 3 posing an ongoing threat to humans. Tick bites can often be very painful and slow healing however if properly taken care of the chance of major infection and the potential of contracting a disease is minimal. Adult ticks are generally half the size of your pinkie fingernail. Ticks can be… Read the rest

Pack Out, What You Pack In

What is Low Impact Outdoor Recreation?

The concept of Low Impact and No Trace has been used by many groups for a long time.  Some groups included are Girl Guides, Scouts,  and Outdoor Enthusiasts.  This  principle has been put into place to  limit the impact to the environment, and help it   make a favourable  place for everyone to enjoy.

Pre-planning is a major part in low impact  or no-trace outdoor recreation.  When you are pre-planning,… Read the rest

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