Many people, whether they do it consciously or not, model their personality traits and lives after their mothers. Whether that means taking after their love for baking or choosing to go in a similar career path, the choices we make and the places we go are often influenced by our dear moms. One place you are bound to follow your mother’s footsteps is into the great outdoors.


A true love for exploration and drive for adventure begins at a young age, and who better than to spark that fire than mom. Here are some Motivating Outdoor Moms and what they do to inspire their families to get outside and explore!


  1. Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Born in a small town in Northern Ontario, Amanda Lynn Mayhew was raised to love the outdoors and has carried on the tradition to her own family. With her passion for the outdoors and love for teaching others, Amanda Lynn has made a career out of inspiring younger generations to get outside, including her children. You can often find her kids helping out at various trade shows and events, or just along Amanda Lynn's side on a hunt. With a desire to educate and mould a future of knowledgeable and skilled hunters and explorers, we could all learn a thing or two from this motivating mom!

Plus with dedication and hard work, she has directed that passion to launch a career, quickly becoming one of the most accomplished and popular faces of the outdoors.

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Image: Amanda Lynn and her son aiming for a good time.


  1. Meghan J. Ward

A writer, editor and digital content specialist based out of Banff, Alberta, Meghan J. Ward lives and breathes the outdoors. Along with being co-founder of Crowfoot Media, Meghan also keeps busy as an active member of the Alpine Club of Canada and in 2014 was among 10 bloggers chosen for USA Today’s Readers Choice Award for Favourite Hiking and Outdoors Travel Blogger. Aside from all that, Meghan is also a mother, and has taken her love for being a mom and combined it with her love for the outdoors and writing, and created the Adventurous Parents Project. Here you will find a curation of incredible blogs all geared to teaching and talking about adventuring with kids. With her passion and drive, Meghan is certainly a mom that motivates us!

meghanjward - Grassi Lakes.jpg

Image: meghanjward - Grassi Lakes


  1. Alyssa Erickson

Alyssa Erickson is one of the most down to earth outdoor blogging moms on Instagram, in more ways than one. On Alyssa’s Instagram account, and throughout her blog the, you’ll find countless stories and pictures of her, her husband and their 3 kids taking on some thrilling adventures. And unlike many moms who use Instagram and blogs to showcase and highlight only the positive moments of adventuring with kids, Alyssa tells it like it is and shares the good with the bad. In her mission statement, she says “In truth, there is no fail safe bullet list that will make your weekend trip an adventure. However, there are many things we have learned, many things that helped ensure our success, and many more that led to our demise that we want to pass on.” Not only is she a great motivator to her own kids, but she certainly drives our passion for keeping it real and keeping it outdoors!

alyssakerickson - Bow Falls.jpg

Image: alyssakerickson - Bow Falls

  1. Tanya Koob

Living in Calgary, Alberta, Tanya Koob is situated right at the doorstep of Canadian’s best playground, the Rocky Mountains, and that is where she takes her son to go play on a regular basis. Since her son was young, she has made the effort to take him on full backpacking trips and has made wilderness trips a priority all year round. On her blog, Rocky Family Adventures, she has great trip ideas for kids of all ages, all adventure types and all seasons. Though she says, “it’s never easy doing family trips to the mountains and this blog will never be all rainbows and lollipops” you are sure to get a treat checking out her and her family’s sweet trips and ideas!

mountainmomyyyc - Nipika Mountain Resort.jpg

Image: mountainmomyyc - Nipika Mountain Resort


  1. Karen Ung

Karen Ung is all about living a life that rocks, literally! Not only does she have a Geography degree, but she also lives and breathes the Canadian Rockies. She is an Alberta Parks Ambassador, Active for Life Role Model, SnowSeekers Ambassador and a Brand Ambassador for a number of outdoor clothing and product brands. The mission of her blog, Play Outside Guide, is to “provide everything families need to know to get outside and have fun.”  Through her collection of endearing family photos on her Instagram account, and engaging stories you will gain tons of motivation from this mom!

playoutsidegal - Rawson Lake, Kananaskis.jpg

Image: playoutsidegal - Rawson Lake, Kananaskis



Despite our list featuring many well-known outdoor bloggers, your mom doesn’t have to be one to motivate you! Moms are special in all kinds of ways and that’s why we want you to go out and celebrate your mom and mother nature today.

What does your mom do that motivates you? Leave a comment below and tell us why your mom’s the bomb, or share a picture of your favourite trips with someone who inspires you on Instagram and use the hashtag #brmblife. You will automatically be entered to win some great BRMB swag for you and mom!




Give mom the gift of adventure in mother nature's most beautiful places!