Here at Backroad Mapbooks we know that the eastern half of our country is a gold mine of epic outdoor adventures. That is why we have released the latest version of our Eastern Canada GPS Maps. Covering all of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, these GPS Maps put our popular Backroad Mapbooks series right in the palm of your hand.


From the legendary fishing lakes of Ontario to the ancient fjords of Labrador, our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps are an indispensable tool for getting you exactly where you need to go. Our maps are jam packed with information, including our detailed Adventure listings that describe everything from backroad attractions and fishing hotspots to more hiking, biking, ATVing and snowmobiling trails than you can explore in a lifetime. With thousands of searchable Points of Interest, our latest GPS product offers so much more than just maps, though these are our pride and joy as Canada’s leading recreation mapmakers. To get you better acquainted with our latest release, we have put together a list of highlights for our latest GPS product.


Unparalleled Detail

Pre-loaded with 1:20,000 and 1:50,000 base scale seamless topographic maps, our Garmin-licensed GPS Maps feature industry-leading topographic contours and shaded relief for all of Eastern Canada. Easily determine your elevation and location, whether hiking along the rugged Atlantic coast in Cape Breton Highlands National Park or exploring an ATV trail in the forests of New Brunswick. Unique to this edition, we have included the same detailed topographic base maps and carefully researched Adventure listings for the province of Quebec as we have for the rest of the country.



Endless Road Networks

Our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps show over 1,500,000 km (930,000 mi) of roads, including highways, industry roads, forest service roads, city roads and more. Over 500,000 km (310,000 mi) of these roads are routable, letting you easily reach that secret muskellunge fishing hot spot or scenic waterfall lookout. While looking at the maps, you will notice that we have provided enhanced road classification to help you distinguish between each type of road, from logging roads to side roads, to help determine if your vehicle is suitable for travelling a particular route.


Trails, Trails and More Trails

No other GPS product gives you the low-down on as many trails. In our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps you will find over 42,000 km (26,000 mi) of multi-use hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing trails, along with over 90,000 km (56,000 mi) of snowmobile trails, 70,000 km (43,500 mi) of ATV trails and 20,000 km (12,500 mi) of canoe and kayak paddling routes. We also show thousands of trailheads and staging areas, along with access points and portages for paddling routes.


1,000s of Searchable Points of Interest

In our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps you will find close to 300,000 searchable Points of Interest, including unique backroad attractions, campsites, paddling areas, parks, wildlife viewing locations and much more. These POIs are supplemented with detailed write-ups from our popular Backroad Mapbook series, so you can make the most informed choice about where you want to visit, from historic lighthouses on Nova Scotia’s rocky Atlantic shore to hidden campsites deep in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park.


The Angler’s Advantage

We provide you with over 9,000 lake, river and ocean fishing hotspots complete with descriptions, species, access, special regulations and more. New to this product, we have included Lake Bathymetry depth contour for almost 1,500 fishing holes in Ontario. With our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Map in hand, your chances of coming home with a trophy catch are that much better.



The Hunter’s Eye

Our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps feature smart background and searchable Wildlife Management Zones to make navigating your favourite hunting zone that much easier. With 400+ detailed hunting areas, including 100+ Zones de Chasse in Quebec and 100+ Moose and Caribou Management Areas in Newfoundland, these maps are the perfect addition to your hunting kit. We also identify Crown land in Ontario, New Brunswick and, new to this edition, Nova Scotia.


Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we have loaded into our Eastern Canada V7 GPS Maps. To fully appreciate these maps, you will just have to try them out for yourself! You can easily order online or use our store locater to find an official Backroad Mapbooks retailer near you. We hope our latest product leads you to that adventure of a lifetime!  



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