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It Takes a Community to Maintain a Trail

Canadians from coast-to-coast are blessed having a wide variety of trail networks readily available year round. Without a whole lot of work it’s easy to be off in the back country on a lazy afternoon or for a weekend adventure. However, getting off the paved path sometimes requires a little extra knowledge and know-how. Unlike regular highways and streets it often takes a community of users to maintain a trail system. The rules are different and… Read the rest

How to Protect Yourself from Tick’s this Spring and Summer Season

About the Tick

All across Canada ticks of different shapes, sizes and varieties can be found. There are over 20 species but  only 3 posing an ongoing threat to humans. Tick bites can often be very painful and slow healing however if properly taken care of the chance of major infection and the potential of contracting a disease is minimal. Adult ticks are generally half the size of your pinkie fingernail. Ticks can be… Read the rest

BRMB Brings a New Lease on Life to Printed Maps

BRMB Brings a New Lease on Life to Printed Maps

With just a few days into the official spring season it’s never too early to start dreaming up a new backroad adventure. At Backroad Mapbooks there’s a white elephant in the room and it’s time to address him – technology. We love technology. We love being able to power up our smartphones and have Google Maps at our finger tips. We love… Read the rest

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