Explore more than ever before with our BRAND NEW Addition to our GPS Backroad Maps


For years Backroad Mapbooks have provided the most comprehensive maps and navigation tools for the Provinces of Canada, and with our newest addition we are covering more land than ever. Our latest addition, Version 6 Yukon GPS Maps, guide you into the north to explore like never before. These new maps include the entire Yukon, along with the beautiful Alaskan and Cassier Highway circuit, and stretch into the Alaska Panhandle as well as Northern BC and the Northwest Territories. With so much land and deep backcountry mapped out, you can only imagine the thousands of new adventures there are to be had.


These Garmin™ GPS and Basemap™, Mapsource™ and RoadTrip™ compatible GPS maps feature tens of thousands of routable, backcountry and bush roads, hundreds of Yukon Game Management Zones and Fishing Lakes and Rivers, and countless POIs, multi-use trails and more. Our Yukon Backroad GPS Maps even feature smart background and searchable game management zones for hunters, as well as amazing searchable cities, geographic land and water features and searchable oil and gas grid locations. Featuring the most complete coverage and detailed maps and adventures available for the Yukon, in the palm of your hand, finding new adventures in Northern Canada has never been so accessible.




With summer fast approaching, there has never been a better time to start planning your adventure through the Yukon Territory. The thousands of trails, POIs, game management zones and fishing lakes, rivers and streams will keep you busy with explorations all year round and with the ease of navigation that our V6 GPS Backroad Maps feature, the only challenge will be finding time to do them all! Don’t wait to start exploring the adventures of our brand new Yukon GPS Maps, get your copy today!