As if there weren’t enough options for how and where to explore Algonquin Park, there are also three mountain bike trails available to further your options. As the park does not allow any ATVing in the interior, travelling along these trails by bike is the only way to get around Algonquin Park on wheels. Each trip gives you amazing views of the biodiversity of the park and the variation in terrain offers an amazing adventure. The trails range from family friendly to difficult mountain biking treks, so there are plenty of choices for exploring Algonquin Park by bike.


1. Old Railway Bike Trail

This 16km route has multiple access points and guides you along the historic Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway. Along the way you will catch a glimpse of the incredible lakes, magnificent bridges, and beautiful forests that Algonquin Park is known for. Like most of the trails in Algonquin Park, there are interpretive stops along the way providing historical and ecological information about the area. Bring your bike or rent one at the Two Rivers Store to cruise into some great fun mountain biking the Old Railway Bike Trail.



2. Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail

One of the more advanced bike trails in Algonquin Park, and typically only recommended for experienced riders, is the Minnesing Mountain Bike trail. The rocky terrain and numerous hilly sections of the trail are what make it more challenging, but the views of lakes, streams, and abundant forests are certainly easy on the eyes. The trail features a number of interlaced loops so you can choose the length of your adventure (anywhere from 4.7 km to 23.4 km). Due to the muddy nature of the route, it is only open in the dryer months, but that still leaves plenty of time to explore the Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail.



3. Byers Lake Mountain Bike Trail

At 13 km round trip, the Byers Lake Mountain Bike Trail is not particularly lengthy, but is certainly a challenge. There are a number of steep grades and large descents along the trail and even quite a few muddy sections. Though the terrain is tricky, the views are what will really take your breath away, with impressive sights of the York River, Gut Rapids and Byers Lake along the route. This is the perfect trip for a day out mountain biking in Algonquin Park.