While Algonquin Park is known for its spectacular scenery and secluded paddling routes, with over 1,500 lakes and 54 different recorded species of fish, it’s easy to see why many people travel to Algonquin Park for the fishing alone. Take your pick between rustic backcountry lakes or go on a quick day trip to one of the more popular destinations – whichever you choose, you’re sure to reel in some great fun. We have listed below eight awesome lakes to try out on your trip to Algonquin Park, but there are hundreds more to check out as well!


1. Canisbay Lake

One of the more popular fishing lakes in the park, Canisbay Lake can be found right along Highway 60 and features a traditional campground with drive in sites, as well as 15 paddle in-campsites. The ample smallmouth bass and bucketmouths up to 2 kg in size make this a popular Algonquin fishing hotspot for many anglers. Lake trout can also be found in Canisbay Lake, but are in small numbers.



2. Opeongo Lake

As the largest lake in Algonquin Park, Opeongo Lake also has the most traffic and the most fishing opportunities. Lake trout, whitefish and smallmouth bass are plentiful and make for an angler’s paradise. You can find the lake trout up to 80 cm in size as well as smallmouth bass weighing up to 1.5 kg. While fishing is usually slow for whitefish and lake trout, your prize will be well worth the wait as you cook up your hefty catch of the day in any of the 135 interior campsites at Opeongo Lake.



3. Smoke Lake

A place to visit that will really blow you out of the water with its incredible fishing is Smoke Lake. Found quite easily off of Highway 60, the lake has a heavy flow of anglers in the warmer seasons due to some great smallmouth bass fishing. Smoke Lake is a great day-trip fishing destination within Algonquin Park, especially on a sunny summer’s day.



4. Bonnechere Lake

Located just off of the Bonnechere River, a popular Algonquin paddling river, stopping to drop a line at Bonnechere Lake is a great way to add to your adventure. Brook trout and lake trout can be found in abundance in spring – brookies average between 25-30 cm and lake trout can be found anywhere up to 55 cm. There are a number of backcountry campsites around the lake available as well, so you can extend your stay and spend even more time enjoying the beauty of fishing Bonnechere Lake.



5. Catfish Lake

Despite the name, no catfish can be found in Catfish Lake, but there is still ample opportunity for lake and brook trout fishing. The fishing is not the only attraction at Catfish Lake, however, as the lake also features 12 rustic campsites, some of which can be found on the islands throughout the lake. The best times to go to experience the productive fishing is in spring or late September.



6. Cedar Lake

As an interior access point to Algonquin Park, Cedar Lake is one of the largest lakes in the park. Brent Village, along with the campground, are located along the lake’s north shore, and there are also 25 paddle-in campsites surrounding the shoreline. While very popular, there is no shortage of fish to be caught, and smallmouth bass can be found up to 2.5 kg. Cedar Lake is also home to walleye, lake trout, and brook trout, although you may have to exercise a little more patience catching these sought-after species. Cast your rod and soak in the beauty of Cedar Lake while you wait for a bite from one of the plentiful fish that swim its waters.



7. Madawaska Lake

Known for its common moose sightings, Madawaska Lake is also a great place to catch some incredible fish. Lake trout can be found up to 65 cm and brook trout also swim the waters. This lake is best fished in the spring just after the ice has melted. Spend your days exploring the lush bog area and reeling in some relaxing fun while fishing Madawaska Lake.


8. Canoe Lake

Don’t be deterred by the name – Canoe Lake is not just a perfect spot for a cruise through Algonquin Park, but has plenty of fishing opportunities. Situated fairly close to Highway 60, this is a popular lake for many visitors to the park, with its serene waters beckoning to both anglers and paddlers. Lake trout and smallmouth bass, in particular, are some good species to try for here. 











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