Fishing is truly one of Canada’s great national pastimes. From the historic ocean fishing villages of the Maritimes to the pike and walleye lakes of Ontario’s Cottage Country, the rushing rivers of the Rocky Mountains and the remote streams along the BC coast, fishing is ingrained in our culture. In Manitoba, the province’s 100,000 lakes can keep an angler occupied for many lifetimes. In New Brunswick, legendary rivers are home to salmon runs that have captivated fly fishers for generations. In the BC interior, feisty rainbow trout swim in pristine mountain streams and remote interior lakes. In every corner of the country, there is a unique angling experience that helps make Canada one of the world’s most incredible fishing destinations.


Fly fishing near Fernie, BC. Photo


With this in mind, Backroad Mapbooks packs each one of our products full of fishing information. From charting thousands of fishing lakes, rivers and streams to creating carefully researched written descriptions, to indicating stocking and species information, we ensure that our maps are an invaluable resource whether you are fly-fishing, spincasting or trolling.


Tuna fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia. Photo credit:Nova Scotia Tuna Charters


As lifelong anglers, we make sure that every map is one we would take on a fishing trip ourselves. Here are a few of the features that make Backroad Mapbooks the number one Canadian fishing maps:


Unparalleled Map Detail

Our team of fish-crazy cartographers makes sure that every lake, river, stream and creek is clearly and accurately shown on our maps, along with bays, fjords, inlets and passages in coastal areas. Industry-leading topographic relief and shading ensures that you know exactly what to expect from the terrain around a particular lake or river, with clearly marked changes in elevation and natural features such as wetlands and glaciers. Most waterbodies are named, and we also provide you with marked ocean fishing hotspots as well as lake bathymetric charts in our GPS maps for select provinces. Whether you are trolling a big freshwater lake, working a smaller lake with a belly boat, pontoon boat or canoe, drift fishing a big river or pool hopping a secluded stream, these maps will show you the way.


Vancouver Coast & Mountains Map 20 Earls Cove


Thousands of POIs

Along with labelled fishing hotspots, we also mark a wide range of natural and man-made features including boat launches, recreation sites, campsites, paddling routes, canoe and kayak access points, marinas, mooring areas, rapids, waterfalls, hiking trails, fish hatcheries, spawning ladders, ferry routes, dams, log dumps, float plane landings and more. Just about any feature on the water or on the shoreline that may affect your fishing experience is included on these highly detailed maps. From spincasting along the shores of a tiny mountain lake in BC to trolling the big, deep lakes of Ontario’s Cottage Country, you can count on these maps for an extraordinary level of detail.


Cottage Country Ontario Map 24 Bobcaygeon


Unprecedented Access

Our maps feature a higher level of road coverage than any other map source. In addition to highways and rural roads we show you thousands of recreation roads, resource roads, logging roads, unclassified roads and even deactivated roads, so getting to that hidden freshwater lake hor stream is easier than ever before. These roads are clearly classified so you can decide which ones are suitable for your vehicle. Additionally, we show you snowmobile trails for getting to that ice fishing lake, plus ATV trails, hiking trails and paddling routes for reaching that secluded lake or river that is not accessible by car. No other map source shows this many roads and trails, giving you unprecedented access to hard-to-reach fishing locations across the country, from the legendary salmon rivers of New Brunswick to the trophy walleye waters of Manitoba’s lakes.


Kootenay Rockies Map 7 Lake Koocanusa


Written Descriptions

Many of the freshwater lakes, rivers, streams and creeks indicated on our maps are supplemented with written descriptions in our Adventure section. Carefully compiled by our team of outdoor writers and researchers, these written descriptions include information on access, species, stocking, resorts, amenities, regulations, restrictions and more. In many of the listings we also let you know which portion of a lake or river to target, plus which method of fishing will be most effective, from shore casting to trolling and fly-fishing. With the help of these written descriptions, you can approach a lake or river with the confidence of a local, even if it is your first time there.



Nationwide Coverage

Backroad Mapbooks’ wide range of products covers all of Canada, including Quebec and Yukon. No other mapping company shows you as many lakes, rivers and streams as are included in our Backroad Mapbooks, GPS Maps, Waterproof Rec Maps, TOPO Maps and Backroad Navigator App. Whether you are fly fishing for steelhead in the rivers of Northern British Columbia or setting a crab trap off the coast of Prince Edward Island, we’ve got you covered.



Multiple Platforms

In addition to our classic Backroad Mapbooks, we offer a wide range of products that cater to each individual angler’s needs. Our Waterproof Rec Maps cover much of BC and Ontario and are a favourite for anglers due to their light weight and durability. These maps feature all the detail of our maps blown up to a larger scale, plus extras like labelled fish species and stocking information. Easily foldable into a compact size, these maps can fit right in your front pocket. 

We also offer over 1,500 custom TOPO Maps. Beginning at 1:50,000 scale, these maps offer even greater detail and are perfect for planning your fishing trip. Many anglers like to hang these on their wall at home or in the office for easy reference.


Our GPS Maps contain all the cartographic detail of our Backroad Mapbooks, with added features like trip planning and tracking. The GPS Maps also include all the written description of fishing lakes and rivers, plus extras that we could not fit in our books. For many provinces, these maps even contain bathymetric data showing you lake depth and structure.


You can also access our maps and writing on your mobile device with our Backroad Navigator App, which also allows for trip tracking and taking georeferenced photos. This is perfect for marking that hidden shoal or deep pool.


Additionally, we offer specific Fishing Mapbooks for BC and Ontario. Featuring detailed bathymetric lake charts and river hotspot maps, these Fishing Mapbooks also include extended descriptions of each fishing hole with more details than we can fit in our regular Mapbook. For more information on our Fishing Mapbooks, check out this blog.



These are just a few of the features that make Backroad Mapbooks your go-to navigational resource for both casual and extended fishing trips. To fully appreciate the extent of fishing information packed into our products, try one out yourself by ordering online or using our store locator to find a retailer near you. From all of us here at Backroad Mapbooks, happy fishing!


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