This featured trails include Cariboo Chilcotin BC’s Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail and Northern BC’s Thunder Mountain Snowmobile Trail. Read and learn about these trails, what you can do on them, how you can get on them, and the fun to be had.

pointer Cariboo Chilcotin Coast BC: Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail
Currently a work in progress, the Gold Rush Trail is a proposed 463 km (287 mile) trail from Clinton north to Wells. It makes up the majority of the Trans Canada Snowmobile Trail in the region. From Clinton to 70 Mile the route is not well established. Further north, the route follows unmaintained forest service roads, existing trail, and even new trail. However, there are sections of the route that do follow public roads that are ploughed and includes one crossing of Highway 97. For current information, contact the BC Snowmobile Federation or the 100 Mile House Snowmobile Club at

pointer Northern BC: Thunder Mountain Snowmobile Trail (Maps 44/F3–45/A4)
This easy, family friendly trail starts near Bearhole Lake and follows seismic lines to the top of Thunder Mountain. This is the highest point in the area and the views from the forestry lookout at the top are impressive. The area around Bearhole Lake also offers an endless array of easy riding possibilities. So endless, in fact, newcomers are cautioned to ride with someone who knows the area, as there is a strong possibility of getting lost. Finding your way around the maze of trails, roads and cutlines is the most challenging part to this otherwise easy area.

These are our picks, what is your favourite snowmobile area & why?