Saskatchewan - 2nd Edition
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Released: 2017

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ISBN #: 978-1-926806-41-9

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11")

Map Scale: 115 maps @ 1:300,000, 6 maps @ 1:1,000,000

Regional Cities/Parks: Estevan, La Loche, La Ronge, Lloydminster, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Weyburn, Yorkton, & more

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook!

Made up of more than just prairies (though these do make up the soul of the province), Saskatchewan offers a plethora of outdoor adventure opportunities. Long distance canoe trips on the Saskatchewan’s mighty northern rivers, unlimited fishing options in the many lakes that dot the landscape, a well-established network of ATV and snowmobile trails and some of the best white-tailed deer hunting you can find anywhere are just a few of the attractions that draw outdoor explorers to Saskatchewan. Add to this the sweeping views, wide-open skies and unique geographical features such as the Athabasca Sand Dunes and the Cypress Hills, and you should be asking yourself why you have not yet visited this Canadian jewel (unless, of course, you already have). Luckily, the newest edition of our Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook has everything you need to know about exploring beautiful Saskatchewan, complete with our industry-leading topographic maps and meticulously researched adventure listings.


Topographic Maps

In your durable, heavy-duty, spiral bound Mapbook you will find 121 detailed topographic maps, including 20 brand new maps at 1:300,000 scale. New to this edition, our Saskatchewan maps feature Oil and Gas information including Gas Plants, Disposal and Compressor stations and updated seismic line corridors. We have also included Municipal Regional District boundaries and labels, brand new 1:50,000 scale water/lake data and details for neighbouring parts of Alberta, Manitoba, Montana and North Dakota. You will not find an easier to use or more detailed map anywhere!


This book features a newly organized and easy-to-use index divided into Map and Adventure sections. Here you will find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.


Our detailed adventure section is one of the features that makes your Backroad Mapbook not just a map but your number one resource for unforgettable outdoor experiences. Here is a breakdown of what we have included in the latest Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook:

Backroad Adventures

In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 100 detailed listings for the best places to stop along the province’s extensive road system, including unique geological features such as the Big Muddy Badlands, First Nations sites such as Buffalo Jump and even outlaw hideouts like Sam Kelly’s Caves.

Fishing Adventures

With over 500 detailed listings for the best places to fish in Saskatchewan’s rivers and lakes, complete with access, fish species, hotspots and other highlights, this Backroad Mapbook is your ultimate fishing buddy. New to this edition, we have also included Stocked Lake charts for easy reference of which lakes are supplemented with which fish species.

Hunting Adventures

From the prairies of south Saskatchewan to the remote boreal forest of the north, hunting opportunities for birds and mammals abound. In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find detailed description of all 52 of Saskatchewan’s Wildlife Management Zones along with descriptions of species, info on specific regulations and much more.

Paddling Adventures

While Saskatchewan is known for its expansive prairies, it is a spectacular paddling destination, particularly in the northern part of the province. In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 100 detailed listings for paddling routes, complete with put-ins/take-outs, difficulty, highlights and more.

Park Adventures

From the rustic wilderness of Grasslands National Park to the many drive-in rec sites that offer all the modern amenities, Saskatchewan has something for everyone. In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 250 detailed listings for Provincial, National and Regional Parks as well as Recreation Sites.

Trail Adventures

With landscapes varying from desert-like sand dunes to rugged Canadian shield and even the highest point of land between the Rockies and Labrador, Saskatchewan has no shortage of trails for hikers and bikers to explore. In the latest edition of our Saskatchewan Mapbook you will find over 130 detailed listings of multi-use trails complete with length, elevation gain, access, difficulty, highlights and much more.

ATV Adventures

Saskatchewan has a well-established ATV community with many ATVing hotspots found all over the province, from the city of Hudson Bay to Moose Mountain Provincial Park and everywhere in between. In the newest edition of the Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 30 listings for the best places to ATV in Saskatchewan.

Snowmobile Adventures

Snowmobiling is more than just a sport in Saskatchewan, with many northern towns using snowmobiles as a primary source of transportation. In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 100 listings of the best places to snowmobile in the province, from organized trails to open fields and unplowed grid roads.

Wildlife Adventures

Acting as a natural flyway for many species of migrating birds, Saskatchewan is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Add to this the many different mammals, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and other species and it is easy to see why Saskatchewan is a great place to view wildlife. The newest edition of our Saskatchewan Mapbook provides you with almost 100 detailed listings for the best places to view wildlife in the province.

Winter Adventures

From cross-country skiing to snowshoeing, ice-fishing, sledding and more, winter in Saskatchewan is a great time to get outdoors. In your Saskatchewan Backroad Mapbook you will find over 60 listings for the best places to get out and enjoy Saskatchewan’s winter wonderland.


We are always looking for ways to improve our products. Whether it is map updates, new trails, or road closures, we welcome any new information and feedback.

To submit a map update, you will need the following information:

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Map Updates

Map Number Coordinate Comment Publication Year Update Date
12 A6 The Reesor Ranch Historic Site is in the wrong location. It is shown too far north of its' actual location. It is properly located on NW 22 8 30 W3 or GPS Coordinates: 49o 40' 06.85"N 109o 59' 32.34"W. The Historic Reesor Ranch is in the last steps of being recognized officially as a Saskatchewan Provincial Heritage Designation. 2017 2017-04-20
12 A6 Part of the Trans Canada Trail is incorrectly shown as going down to Symon's Noble Cabin on an old Scout trail. The TCT actually heads south from the Hidden Conglomerates, just a bit east of the location you have it at now. 2017 2017-04-20
12 A6 The Kinnikinik Kliff Trail is a new self-guided 3 km loop trail traverses the conglomerate cliffs and serves up beautiful vistas into the Battle Creek Valley. This trail links the Historic Reesor Ranch and the TCT in the West Block of Cypress Hills Park. More details can be found at 2017 2017-04-20
12 A6 The North Plateau Road cuts through private property and is only recognized as an Emergency Measures road for access/egress into the park. Please use alternative routes. 2017 2017-04-20

Writing Updates

Page Number Comment Publication Year Update Date
125 New text for this listing
Canada’s Dead Sea (Map 50/F7)
Little Manitou Lake is found along Highway 365 near Watrous, about 115 km southeast of Saskatoon. This lake is fed by underground springs and its high mineral content allows swimmers to float, similar to the famous Dead Sea. Local First Nations have been using the lake for its healing properties for centuries. In addition to a regional park, there is a resort and spa located on the lake.
2017 2017-04-20
206 Correct name of forest is Nisbet
Nisbet Forest Trails (Map 60/D2–70/E6)
Over 100 years ago this area was logged and mined for its raw materials. Today, the Nisbet Forest is a protected area that allows motorized recreation and just about all outdoor activities; you will find lots of designated ATV trails and hundreds of kilometres of multi-use trails. Riders should expect to find snow free trails from mid-April to October with rainy and muddy conditions in the spring. The area leading north from Duck Lake off Highway 11 provides gravel roads where you can find staging areas close to the trail system. There are trails for every skill level. Cell coverage is spotty at best in this area, so you should plan accordingly.
2017 2017-04-20
206 Added Maps 1, 2, to list of maps
Trans-Canada Adventure Trail (Maps 1, 2, 12, 13, 24–25, 36–38, 49, 55, 60–61, 65, 70–71, 73–75, 80–82)
Part of a coast-to-coast trail system, the TCAT route stretches approximately 1,700 km (1,055 mi) across Saskatchewan. Supplies and accommodations can be found at most towns along the route. Visit for more details.
2017 2017-04-20
220 Changed map page to Map 2/A5
Old Man on His Back Prairie Preserve (Map 2/A5)
This 5,302 hectare (13,101 ac) mixed prairie grass preserve is part of the Old Man on His Back Plateau. The land was donated by Sharon and Peter Butala, while several organizations including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Saskatchewan Environment (through the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund) donated money for the project. A small herd of 50 bison were set loose to roam freely on the preserve in December of 2003; there is still a sustainable herd found on this preserve.
2017 2017-04-20

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