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Released: 2015-02-24

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ISBN #: 978-1-897225-55-4

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11")

Map Scale: 56 maps @ 1:250,000, 22 maps @ 1:500,000, 7 maps @ 1:1,000,000, 1 city map @ 1:80,000

Regional Cities/Parks: Beausejour, Brandon, Emerson, Gimli, Portage la Prairie, Riding Mountain National Park, Selkirk, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Winnipeg, & more

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Canada's industry-leading Manitoba backcountry maps

Cradled right in the heart of Canada, the province of Manitoba boasts a quiet expanse of wilderness filled with pockets of recreation opportunities. Over half of Manitoba’s population lives in the capital city of Winnipeg – this means that throughout the province, especially as you travel north, human populations dwindle down to little communities like Flin Flon and The Pas.

Everywhere else, nature reigns supreme. In the south of Manitoba, around the cities of Winnipeg and Brandon and the surrounding backcountry, you will find everything from tall grass prairie, to pine forest, to desert-like sand dunes. Departing Winnipeg and the populated south, northern Manitoba gives way to the majestic rock of the Canadian Shield, and a strip of Arctic tundra along Hudson Bay.

Backroad Mapbooks’ Manitoba backcountry map book covers all of Manitoba, with detailed topographic coverage of everything from Winnipeg city trails to the homes of the polar bears in Churchhill. Our maps and corresponding listings show you how to get outside to explore the sights that Manitoba has to offer. Paddle the secluded lakes and rivers of the north; dog-sled your way across the frigid tundra; or hike the scenic trails of Riding Mountain National Park.

We tell you where to go for the best hiking, camping, nature-viewing, paddling, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and much more. Whether you’re touring Winnipeg for the first time, or you’re a Manitoba resident looking to deepen your backcountry experience, your Manitoba map book will chart the course.


Topographic Maps

In your durable, heavy-duty, spiral-bound 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") Manitoba map book you will find 85 detailed topographic maps spanning the province, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, trails and other points-of-interest. Not only are these Manitoba maps user-friendly, but they boast a level of cartographic sophistication unparalleled even by government resources – making them the maps of choice for search-and-rescue.

Service Directory

In addition to our maps, we list Manitoba accommodations, services, tours, and amenities, including information on the top outfitters in Winnipeg, Brandon, and surrounding regions; where to find hunting guns for sale; and the best places to buy equipment for sportfishing in Manitoba.


Our detailed adventure section is one of the features that makes your Backroad Mapbook so much more than a map of Manitoba. In addition to comprehensive listings with map coordinates, you’ll find a trip planning section for making notes on your desired adventures!


A handy index makes the Manitoba Backroad Mapbook a leading Manitoba map in terms of functionality as well as quality. You’ll find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.


Backroad Adventures

Our map book lists all of Manitoba’s adventures. From backcountry exploration; to natural wonders, like great Lake Winnipeg and the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) that flare across the skies above Churchill; to man-made attractions, like the corn maze just outside of Winnipeg, the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, or the heritage sites of Gimli, aka New Iceland; there is no shortage of things to do and see in Manitoba.

Fishing Adventures

Manitoba is a top fishing destination for a huge variety of fish species, including arctic grayling, a wide range of trout, northern pike, walleye, sturgeon, and much more! There is an astonishing number of lakes, rivers and streams that can be fished all day long, year-round – and our Manitoba map book and listings give you the lowdown on as many of these as we could reasonably fit! So grab your map, hit the backcountry, cast a line, and enjoy.

Hunting Adventures

With habitats as diverse as Arctic tundra and rolling sand dunes, Manitoba houses a variety of wild animals. In the backcountry all around Winnipeg and far beyond, hunters enjoy the pursuit of migratory birds, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, large moose, bear and caribou. Our Manitoba map book breaks down the species you will find, plus hunting tips and corresponding map coordinates for the best places to find them.

Paddling Adventures

The province of Manitoba is a paddler’s dream. Throughout Manitoba, especially as you travel north, rivers and streams snake through the land and into lakes in abundance, with all waters leading to Hudson Bay. In many areas, the great backcountry can only be accessed via canoe or kayak. Our Manitoba map book lists enough paddling routes to keep you busy for a lifetime, from Ashley Lake to Winnipeg River and everything in between.

Park Adventures

Manitoba has a small but well-established system of national and provincial parks ranging from primitive backcountry campsites in northern Manitoba, far from any roads, to day-use picnicking sites and vehicle-accessible campgrounds near major urban centres like Winnipeg. Your Manitoba map book lists all of the region’s national and provincial parks, including the impressive amenities of Riding Mountain National Park and Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Trail Adventures

In addition to established trails for hiking, biking, ATVing, horseback riding, and more, Manitoba is riddled with grid roads or old logging and forest access roads that make for great trekking adventures. With so much backcountry to explore, you’ll be occupied for weeks. The Manitoba map book lists the nature trails throughout the province, including scenic routes through national and provincial parks.

Wildlife Adventures

Manitoba provides habitats for species as diverse as Manitoba’s resident lizard, found in Spruce Woods National Park; as classic as Canada’s forest-dwelling black bear and moose; and as iconic as the Arctic polar bears of Churchill. You can easily spot small mammals and birds throughout Manitoba in all but the most densely populated areas – and with a proper guide you will access the larger beasts of the wild. Our Manitoba map book shows you where to see it all.

Winter Adventures

When winter occupies much of the year, as it does in Manitoba, you gotta have some winter fun. Your Manitoba backcountry map book breaks down the best of winter recreation in and around Winnipeg, Brandon, and beyond. Grab your map and hit the trail for some of Canada’s best snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Highlights include Spruce Woods Provincial Park and Riding Mountain National Park.


We are always looking for ways to improve our products. Whether it is map updates, new trails, or road closures, we welcome any new information and feedback.

To submit a map update, you will need the following information:

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Map Updates

Map Number Coordinate Comment Publication Year Update Date
28 D1 We have the Belair and Brightstone Sandhills Provincial Forest areas reversed on the map. Belair is found closer to Grand Beach and Lake Winnipeg (Map 28/D1) 2015 2017-09-07
28 D3 The correct trail name is Brokenhead Wetlands Interpretive Trail. 2015 2017-09-07
36 Secondary Highway 325 from Highway 6 to Highway 17 runs straight through (as opposed to the doglegs shown on our map north of Fisherton). 2015 2017-09-07

Writing Updates

Page Number Comment Publication Year Update Date
109 Update first paragraph to add size and correct depth
Lake Winnipeg (Maps 27, 28, 37, 38, 47, 48, 56–58, 62–64, 67, 68)
Named by explorer Henry Kelsey from the Cree Indian words for “muddy water,” Lake Winnipeg is a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz. Fed by many rivers, including the Saskatchewan, Red and Winnipeg, the big 24,514 km 2 (9,465 mi 2 ) lake links the Great Plains with the Nelson River and Hudson Bay to the northeast. With an average depth of about 15 metres (50 ft), it is important for shipping and commercial fishing. The southern shore is a major resort area serving Winnipeg. Nearly 1,200 Master Angler sized fish have been caught in these waters, with the majority being for white bass, bullhead and walleye. The record sized fish also includes: black crappie, burbot, carp, channel catfish, freshwater drum, goldeye, mooneye, northern pike, perch, rock bass, sauger, smallmouth bass and whitefish.
2015 2017-09-07
109 Updated text; removed lake trout and rainbow from species, our depth was incorrect as well
Lake Winnipegosis (Maps 43, 53, 61, 62)
Covering 5,370 km 2 (3,335 mi 2 ), Lake Winnipegosis is Manitoba's third largest lake and the 11 th largest in Canada. The lake connects to Lake Manitoba via the Water Hen River. The lake has many islands and bays, making it a beautiful fishing lake. The typical catches here are northern pike and walleye and perch. Walleye are stocked here on occasion to help enhance the fishery.
2015 2017-09-07
150 New trail description
Brokenhead Wetlands Interpretive Trail (Map 28/C3)
The Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve is located along Highway 59 northeast of the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation near Scanterbury. This has been an important site for Ojibway people for hundreds of years for gathering medicinal plans, tea, berries and cedar. 23 species of provincially rare and uncommon plants are found here, including many species of carnivorous plants, as well as 28 of Manitoba's 36 orchid species. An interpretive trail and boardwalk runs along Crown land at the reserve's eastern boundary – this easy, flat trail is 2 km one-way.
2015 2017-09-07

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