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Backcountry Maps

Back Road Map Books & Digital Maps

The Backroad Mapbooks series is the go-to source for user-friendly topographic maps and outdoor adventure information. Our popular map books contain the most detailed maps in Canada, plus extensive trails and regional information on hiking, camping, angling, snowmobiling, hunting, skiing, paddling, ATVing, and much, much more.

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Backcountry Topo Maps

Our TOPO maps are a blown up version of the maps you’ll find in the Backroad Mapbooks, allowing for easier reading and better scales, starting at 1:60,000. Take your water-resistant, region-specific map along on your outdoor adventure and navigate with confidence – or get a digital TOPO map for your iPhone, iPad or computer, compatible with Google Earth, OziExplorer, Memory Map and more.

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Backroad Mapbooks began with a simple idea: why not compile every road, route and backcountry road into one convenient source? With user-friendly topographic maps more detailed than even government sources, we offer the best guide to outdoor adventure in Canada. Our map books are durable, filled with info on trailheads, recreation activities and points-of-interest, and available for regions across each province.



Remember those big, fold-up maps that once sat in glove compartments before the digital age? We’ve come a long way since then. Our 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") map books are heavy-duty, spiral-bound, water-resistant and durable, and, in addition to containing Canada’s most detailed and up-to-date topographic maps, are chockfull of regional information on trails and recreational activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, snowmobiling, ATVing, skiing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, picnicking, horseback riding, and more!


Born from a love of backcountry exploration, the idea behind Backroad Mapbooks is simple: have all the information you need in one place. With that in mind, we update our map books constantly and publish new editions frequently to bring you all the routes, trails, access points, road systems, backcountry roads, logging roads, boat launches, campsites, attractions and points-of-interest that you might come across on your outdoor adventures.


With a combination of topographic maps and recreation guides, a map book is a staple item to toss in your backpack whether you’re touring a new city and looking for things to do, navigating remote rural roads around your province, hitting the trails and looking for directions, or wondering what wild animals you might see as you travel along a highway or explore a provincial park.


Backroad Mapbooks brings you industry-leading map books for Northern BC; Vancouver, Coast and Mountains BC; the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast; Vancouver Island; the Thompson Okanagan region; the Kootenay Rockies; the Canadian Rockies; Northern, Central and Southern Alberta; Manitoba; Saskatchewan; Northeastern, Northwestern, Eastern and Southern Ontario; Cottage Country Ontario; Southwestern Quebec; Montreal and the Laurentians; Prince Edward Island; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; and Nova Scotia.



Get easy access to information on camping, hiking, paddling, fishing, hunting, winter recreation, ATVing, wildlife viewing, and more! Each backcountry map book breaks down the region’s plethora of activities with a handy adventure index.



Looking for a trail? Wondering how to get there? What about access information on that remote campsite, or inside tips on how to spot that rare bird? The adventure write-ups inside these map books give you the low-down on everything you need to know to get outside with confidence.



Not only do these map books give you the most detailed topographic maps of Canada available on the market, they are marked and labeled with every park, waterfall, wildlife viewing hot spot, historic attraction, trail and more!



The detailed topographic maps contained in each map book outline the lay of the land, with detailed shaded relief, contour elevation lines, UTM grid lines, and the most comprehensive overview of Canada’s backcountry and logging roads available.


Avid Backcountry Adventurers

Backroad Mapbooks has been the go-to source for hardcore backcountry enthusiasts in Canada since the early 1990s. These maps are considered the most reliable source for multi-week excursions into the wilderness, high-intensity ice climbing expeditions, and more.


Casual Outdoor Enthusiasts

Backroad Mapbooks maps are often the first source picked up by casual outdoor enthusiast exploring Canada’s outdoors. Whether going for a picnic in an urban park, heading out with the family for an easy day hike, or touring Canada’s highways, these map books are the perfect source.


Professional and Casual Anglers

At Backroad Mapbooks, we love fishing – so much so, that we’ve created an entire line of fishing map books containing the most comprehensive information available on fishing lakes, rivers, tips, bait, and more. These fishing map books are a staple in many a Canadian tackle box.


Hunting Pros and Beginners

These backcountry map books give you the 411 on Wildlife Management Units (Zones or Areas), hunting species and more. Trusted by pro hunters and those new to the sport, Backroad Mapbooks is loved by Canadian hunters.


Trail Blazers

From the thousands upon thousands of hiking trails weaving throughout the Canadian provinces, to the kilometres of backcountry waiting to be explored, the land is ripe for trail blazing. Backroad Mapbooks’ backcountry maps are a trusty tool for your adventure.


Government Agencies

Backroad Mapbooks works in partnership with a number of government agencies, with map data and up-to-date regional recreation information cross-referenced and shared both ways. For a map source that recreational users can trust, Backroad Mapbooks is trusted by all.


Search and Rescue Teams

Backroad Mapbooks maps are the maps of choice for search and rescue organizations. Used for emergency search and rescue missions, these maps are trusted on account of the detailed coverage of wilderness roads and trails that are unparalleled in any other source.

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